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psychologist in Jaipur
By JOE MAILLET 3,291 views

Best Psychologist in Jaipur for Online Consultation

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the country has been fully locked. People have spent the time of lockdown in their homes. Due to incarceration in homes, people’s social interaction has ended, due to which they are surrounded by problems like stress.

According to a report of India today anxiety cases have gained significant increases during the covid-19 period.

People are afraid to share their problems with family members and due to lockdown, they cannot even consult any expert.

Realizing the need of the people, the top 5 psychologists of Jaipur have started spreading their services online. Where you can consult the best psychologist in Jaipur in an anonymous way.

Many people do not even know that they are struggling with stress, they ignore it and keep getting trapped in great difficulty. If you are also among them, then you are only late to search the Internet “Psychologist near me” and you will have easy access to the best Psychologist of Jaipur.

Here are some symptoms that indicate that a person suffering from depression

Reasons to See an Online Psychologist in Jaipur

How do you know that the time has come to get counseling from a mental health professional? Here we are sharing some hints.

Suffering from Hopelessness

Thinking about that you’re worthless and feeling that there is no hope is a sign of depression. Hopeless thoughts are the aspect of negativity in which the energy of your brain is rapidly released and you start feeling tired.

Constant Thinking

It is common to think in limited quantities, but always worrying about the future, thinking that something bad is going to happen, can dry out the happiness from your life.

In the event of such depression, you have to pay attention to the physical signs, and considering it non-minor, you will have to take the advice of a professional.

Relationship Conflicts

Your marriage can be in danger due to many reasons, when your mind is disturbed, then your speaking attitude also stings your partner, in such a situation you should resort to couple therapy. A good therapist can get your relationship back on track through online sessions.

Overeating or Minimal Eating

An accidental weight loss under stress occurs when you lost your appetite. If you are eating more than you need or you aren’t interested in eating, then it shows that you’re in a depression.

Substance use

If you have used narcotics to get rid of mental stress, then you can get into a lot of trouble, addiction makes you even more helpless, the advice of a psychologist will help you in this situation.

Why Choose Dr. Sanjay Jain for Online Consultation

Dr. Sanjay Jain is the best psychologist online in Jaipur among the top 5 psychologists in Jaipur.

He is a medical registered verified psychologist who has over 18 years of experience.

In 2020 he got placed among the three best psychologists in Jaipur by threebestrated.com.

He is the first person in Jaipur to bring mental aid online.

Dr. Sanjay Jain is a great consultant who has made people aware of mental health by attending many city seminars. He has completed his education from S.M.S. medical college in Jaipur. His unique contribution to psychology has made him globally recognized. He is known for his communication skills and unorthodox therapies across the country.

He is one of the few male psychologists in Jaipur who has contributed to mental disorders research in the United States.

Benefits of Psychologist Online Counseling

In the digital age, there is a massive demand for online consultation and video meetings. Now the government is also starting to hold essential meetings through video calling. Online consultation is proving to be a good option and in many ways is more effective than the old way, let us know how Psychologists in Jaipur are engaged in making online counseling more effective.

Affordable Consultation

Because this method can run in fewer resources, it is economical than non-virtual consultation. Psychologists in Jaipur offer quality advice at minimum charges.


Access to online platforms is not Enchanted to any place, it can also help in rural areas. Those who are not able to travel can avail counseling from Psychologists in Jaipur.


A study in 2018 has revealed that telepsychiatry has benefited a wide age group, including children, adolescents, and older people. It has been as effective as the psychical way.

In many cases, it has also been seen that due to the sudden positive changes in the person, the family is also affected and started giving mental health attention. The person always doubts about adopting new ways. Many questions arise in his mind, which he wants to get answered. Realizing your hesitation, a Psychologist in Jaipur has prepared a list of some questions asked by people.

People Also Ask

Can psychologists online prescribe medicines?

The psychologist makes the diagnosis available to the patient through counseling and therapies. If a medication is required, he is obliged to examine it physically.

How much does a psychologist charge per hour for an online consultation?

The affordable psychologist in Jaipur charges 600 rs. Per session online. Also, the type of problem affects the cost of the consultation.

What is Online Therapy?

It is a diagnosis method through which a licensed expert provides treatment to the patient through video calls and live chat.

Public Reviews

I had the opportunity to consult Dr. Sanjay Jain online. During the counseling session, I realized during the whole time that they are sitting on a par with me, their way of speaking is really engaging”. Deepak Sharma

“Depression had occurred at the time of lockdown. I used to live in Jaipur due to my studies, but as soon as the lockdown happened, I could not go to my house and loneliness surrounded me, I used to get strange thoughts. Due to covid, I could not even get out when I was scrolling on the internet. I noticed Dr. Sanjay Jain’s advertisement. I immediately booked an appointment and consulted him. It was a great experience. He made me aware of the practical ways of getting out of depression. I must say that he is the best psychologist in Jaipur”. Pankaj Kumar

Joe Maillet

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