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public safety job
By JOE MAILLET 923 views

How to Get Started in a Public Safety Job?

What Are the Skills and Requirements for a Public Safety Officer?

A public safety officer’s job is a crucial responsibility. Hence, it is mandatory to qualify important requirements and learn the imperative skills. Every role of the public safety officer has a unique responsibility. Therefore, a unique set of skills is necessary. However, some skills are necessary for all roles. Let us explore those skills a public safety officer must have:

  • Must be vigilant to look for any suspicious activity.
  • Should be physically fit and highly motivated individuals so they can discharge their duties with diligence.
  • Have an optimistic and proactive mindset because they will encounter many unusual scenarios involving emergencies.
  • Should have basic medical and first aid knowledge. A public safety office may encounter a situation where a member of the public needs medical assistance. The public safety officer should know the basics of first aid to assist the person before the ambulance arrives.
  • Excellent communication skills are part and parcel of a public safety officer’s job since they are bound to interact with many departments or even the public itself.
  • A public safety officer must adhere to time management and punctuality. This is the core aspect of any role of public safety officer. If they are not on good terms with time, they can never perform the job to the required standards.
  • Firearm handling is another basic skill required for a public safety officer. You need to be an expert in handling different firearms. You need to know more than how to clean your AR-15s upper receiver.

What Are Public Safety Officers and their Roles?

A public safety officer is the custodian of peace, law, and order, public properties, and private entities. Moreover, a public safety officer is authorized to use force to protect the common public and implementing pre-defined policies. Similarly, a public safety officer is the curator of society. The sole responsibility of the public safety office is to ensure the safety of the general public. A public safety officer is usually seen in any one of the following roles:

  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Fire Fighter
  • Rescue Officer
  • Traffic Control Officer
  • Drug Enforcement Agency Officer
  • Ambulance or Emergency Service Staff
  • Investigator
  • Bomb Disposal Squad
  • Disaster Management Officers
  • Security Guards
  • Patrol Officers
  • Life Guards

The roles mentioned above are not the limitations of a public safety officer. A public safety officer is not just a part of a government or public organization, but they also serve in the non-public sector and private sector. In all the above roles, the areas of service might be different for a public safety officer, but the core responsibility “safety” remains common in all of them.

How to Become a Public Safety Officer?

If a person wants to become a public safety officer, they can apply with either government-controlled organizations or become a part of private services. There exist different criteria for the private sector and a different one for a government department.

While applying with a government department, a written test is conducted. After clearing the written examination, the public safety candidates have to undergo a physical examination and test. Once physically cleared, the candidate is tested in psychological assessment and interview.

For a public sector organization, the procedure is a bit shorter than the government selection. A public safety officer willing to apply in the private sector has to undergo an interview and physical test. Upon successful completion, the candidates have to go through training in the probationary period, usually 2-5 months. They should also hold an undergraduate degree. Some public safety officer jobs may require a Master’s degree.

The job advertisement for public safety officers in a private sector or a government department is advertised in newspapers. The private ones are also listed on job hunting sites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.

Regarding government jobs, they are advertised to government websites of the public service commission or the individual sites of the departments.

What Are the Topmost Benefits and Challenges of Being a Public Safety Officer?

A public safety officer enjoys some perks and privileges which people from other job sectors may not have. If a public safety officer gets disabled during disposal of duty, they are liable for lifetime financial support. Moreover, a public safety officer is also exempted from certain taxes and toll fees, which are generally applicable to everyone.

The public safety officer is the symbol of pride in society. A public safety officer gets respect from the public. Moreover, a public safety officer also gets medals and accolades for acts of valor and great public service. Similarly, a public safety officer also gets medical and healthcare facilities.

On the contrary, we will see that the job of a public safety officer is very challenging. Public safety officers risk their own lives for the safety of people. A public safety officer may work outside of normal working hours.

Moreover, a public safety officer usually does not have the privilege of public holidays. The reason is that on public holidays, public safety is a more crucial task. A public safety officer may be called in anytime during any emergency situation.

What Is the Average Salary of a Public Safety Officer?

The salary of a public safety officer varies according to the role. Salary is also dependent on the state because every state offers a different salary. Highly crime-infested states generally offer salaries above $50,000 because the job is rough and tough in those states.

On average, a public safety officer makes $33,000 annually. This is a fairly handsome average salary as compared to the nature of the job. Combined with other facilities and public admiration, the job of a public safety officer is lucrative even with this salary. The rate of increase in salary varies from 5% to 8%.

What Do We Have to Say?

The job of a public safety officer is highly sensitive yet adventurous. A public safety officer job is better suited to someone who prioritizes public service above salary and perks. The crux is that the public safety job is for the public centric persons, and they are the real makers of peace in society.

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