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caliper test for hiring
By JOE MAILLET 386 views

What is the Caliper Test and Does it Help With Hiring

What is the Caliper Test and Does it Help With Hiring

Hiring the best talent has been simplified significantly over the years with the advancement in recruitment tools and testing techniques. Instead of investing a lot of time on individually assessing potential candidates, some techniques help HR departments do it more efficiently. One of these techniques is using a series of tests to find the best candidates to go through the following phase of selection. The caliper test is one of these tests. Here is more about this assessment and how it helps the recruiters in hiring.

What is the caliper test?

The caliper test is an effective assessment technique used by HR departments to get a shortlist of potential candidates to be selected for further interviewing and training. This test is aimed at making sure potential employees are up for the tasks they have applied for. What is entailed in this assessment?

Caliper test structure

This test has a pretty simple test structure made up of mostly multiple-choice questions designed to gauge if the employee will be suited for the job he is applying for. Additionally, the Caliper test also entails a portion that allows the applicants to use their cognitive and problem-solving skills to resolve certain problems within context.    

Aspects gauged by this test

A Caliper test tries to gauge the personality type of each applicant to decide whether they would be perfect in the company. Students can prepare for the Caliper practice test free and use it to familiarize themselves with some of the questions to expect.

How is cognitive ability tested using the Caliper test?

In addition to gauging the personality of each applicant, the Caliper test also tries to gauge the cognitive ability of potential candidates. Towards the end of this test, you will find a series of problem-solving exercises and some may require math skills. The aim of this section is to determine how fast students think on their feet in unexpected situations.

Preparing for the Caliper test

If you are taking the Caliper test soon, practice tests are available online for free to prepare yourself for the real assessment. You can take these tests to get a feel for how this test looks, as well as to determine how much time it takes to complete. Some job seekers have been asked to also take the Wonderlic test to get shortlisted for employment. Therefore, it might be wise to take Wonderlic sample test along with the Caliper assessment to be ready for both of these tests.

How does the Caliper test help with hiring?

Passing the Caliper test goes a long way in helping job seekers find full-time employment since it is being adopted by a significant number of companies globally. HR departments are using it to shortlist candidates to reduce the time it takes to undergo the selection and interviewing process.

Helps identify candidate personality traits

Caliper testing helps HR departments recognize the personality traits of the candidate to decide whether they are perfectly suited for the company’s workforce culture. Also, if the work might be emotionally or psychologically burdening to the candidates, the Caliper test can help make this determination through a thorough personality assessment.

Simplifies employee onboarding procedure

Using this assessment to onboard employees simplifies the entire process to a great extent because fewer interviews are scheduled due to the results of this test. If candidates do not pass or meet the company grade, they are not invited in for an interview which conserves the resources spent by HR.

Flags employee suitable for career development 

When employees take this test, the results can be stored in their performance files as a reference to identify employees that are likely to go high up within the company ranks. As training programs become available, this info can be used to find the perfect individuals who will do most of the training events.

Is this test credible in assessing employees?

How credible is the Caliper test in assessing candidates and vetting them to get selected for employment? This assessment strategy has been used by HR departments in some of the largest companies, such as Panasonic. It has helped companies globally to streamline employment processes for the greater good of the company.


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