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Puppets Masters - Damon Vickers
By DAMON VICKERS 1,374 views

Puppet Masters of Media – Here What You Must Know

In this age of enormous amount of news and media that barrage and contend for public attention fewer and fewer are capable to distinguish fact from fiction. Shocking headlines, once reticent for delight at grocery store line checkout, are currently used by the mainstream press to entice the popper to get the customer to gnaw, read, watch and more says, Damon Vickers.

Reporters and correspondents, if you can nowadays call them such, are mournfully compromised in the favoritism they take in propagandizing concerns that eventually harsh the schedule of the media huge and concealed elite for whom they work and silhouette the perceptional lens of the stacks.

Is there a planned schema behind all this? And if so, whose masterminding it and for what reason? One well-known instigator of media propaganda and strategic interruption was Dr. Edward L. Bernays. He is the founding Father of Public Relations. Dr. Bernays has picked his brain on the subject of PR tactics to encourage humanitarian concerts we visualize could promote world peace.

Puppets Masters Media


According to Damon Vickers, the mindful and intellectual manipulation of the prearranged behavior and belief of the loads is an essential element in democratic culture. Those people who manipulate this unnoticed mechanism of civilization constitute an imperceptible government which is the factual ruling power of the nation.

We all people are contrasting around the world by a massive and merciless conspiracy that relies on exchange means for growing its sphere of influence. Actually, it’s a system that has conscripted huge human and textile resources into the construction of a firmly knit, extremely competent machine that unites military, diplomatic, economic, political, and scientific operations.

Its arrangements are covered, not published. Furthermore, its blunders are obscured, not headlined. Also, their dissenters are calm, not praised. No spending is queried, nor buzz printed, no furtive exposed. It conducts a war. Hence, Athenian legislator Solon declared it an offense for any resident to shrink from debate.  Also, this is the reason why the press is sheltered by the first Amendment emphasis, Damon Vickers. And it is the only industry in America particularly protected by the establishment, not mainly to Amuze and Entertain, but to notify, to imitate and to state the risks and opportunities.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes". He enjoys writing and public speaking