A career in merchant navy is as exciting as it sounds, but you need the right qualification and skill set to pursue one of the most responsible jobs.

If you are planning to Join Merchant Navy in India, then you have the chance to travel around the globe along with the adventure on the high seas. In recent times, the youths in India have drawn towards the alluring aspects of the merchant navy. However, joining the merchant navy is not that easy. It requires the right skill set and expertise. Before you enter the merchant navy, you should know that the merchant navy is the foundation of global exchange, meaning lots of responsibilities. After completing your higher education, there is this high pressure and expectations to excel in life. Merchant navy is one of the most rewarding lines of work, and if you want to pursue your career in this field, then this post is for you.

Fundamental Eligibility Criteria to Join Merchant Navy After 12th

  • The applicant must finish the class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • The applicant must be unmarried
  • Healthy vision is required; however, glasses up to +/- 2.5 is also allowed
  • Once the applicant clears the test, he/she needs to pass the interview and the medical test
  • Before the employment, the applicant needs to complete a ship-training course where he/she will be taught the fundamentals of voyaging

Merchant Navy Courses after 12th

If you want to pursue the merchant navy after completing your degree, there are several courses you can take.

  1. To join as an Engineer, you must complete BE/B.Tech in Marine Engineering
  2. To join as a Desk Officer, you must have a degree in BSc Nautical Science or a Diploma in Nautical Science
  3. To join the Catering Department in merchant navy after 10th or 12th, you must complete the Maritime Catering course, or you can also complete your BSc degree in Marine Catering  

If you want to join merchant navy after 10th, there are several courses that you can pursue, which include:

  • G.P. Rating
  • Commercial Diving
  • Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS)
  • Near Coastal Voyage (NCV)

What are the Job Prospects?

In the merchant navy, there are enormous employment opportunities. Candidates who have completed the rudimentary course in merchant navy can get jobs easily through placement agencies and consultants. Merchant navy fleet incorporates passenger ships, refrigerator ships, bulk carriers, tankers, barge carrying ships, container ships, cargo ships, and roll off and roll on ships. Hiring in cargo ships is more lenient as compared to others; hence, finding a job opportunity in cargo ships is much higher.

Companies operating merchant ships require skilled people who can maintain and operate vessels of all sizes and type. Trained people are required for the ship’s three main departments – the service department, the engine, and the deck. In India, job opportunities in the merchant navy are available in both private and government shipping companies such as Shipping Corporation of India.  

Merchant Navy Job Profiles

There are the top five job profiles in merchant navy:

  • Catering and hospitality crew – housekeepers, chefs, stewards, pursers, etc.
  • Ratings – seafarers who help the officers with daily tasks
  • Engineer
  • Electro-technical officer (ETO)
  • Deck Officer (navigation officer)
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