When you are looking for an overall strength building, push-ups are the exercises mostly recommended by the experts. It not only helps you in building upper body muscles but also makes your midsection resilient. However, the key to gaining the best results from this exercise is that you should perform it in the right manner. Technically speaking, it is a multifaceted exercise that basically helps in targeting muscles in the torso, shoulders, triceps, spine, core, and legs.

There are so many different variations of push-up exercises that you can incorporate in your everyday workout. Before you decide to do so, you need to master the traditional push-up first and then progress to the more advanced version eventually.

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Let’s have a glimpse at some of the different variations of push-up exercises as recommended by a qualified health coach with personal training certification.

Yoga ball push-ups: This exercise will help you in adding more challenges to your midsection. However, always ensure that you do 3 sets of traditional push-ups as a warm-up exercise before jumping into this exercise.

Dumbbell Lat rows push-ups: It is yet another variation that you can include your fitness regime as it will help you activate your midsection and back muscles.

Medicine ball pushup: You have to perform the basic push-up exercise with a little modification. For this exercise, you have to keep your one hand on the medicine ball and others on the ground and go in the push-up position. You have to change the hands once you have done around 20 or more repetition on one side. It will help you improve the stability level of the shoulder muscles.

One-armed push-up: This variation of push-up exercise is even considered a more advanced level. For this exercise, your shoulder and arms need to be strong enough to take up complete bodyweight. So, do start with the basic push-up exercise and then gradually lift your one arm and keep it on your hips. After that, do the push-up exercise.

Box pushups: This is a more challenging version of the pushup as you need to place your feet on an elevated surface like box or bench and then do the push-up exercise

Triangle pushup: The triangle push up is actually performed by keeping your hands close forming a triangle and then performing the push-up exercise. This variation of push-up helps you to target your chest muscle group and even your tricep muscles.

Clap push-up: Well, this exercise is definitely the most advanced level of exercise. You need to work up to the level that you can perform this as you need enough power in your shoulders to take your body weight during the time of lifting up in the air and then clapping and coming back to normal plank position to do the push-up. There are quite high chances that you can get injured in this exercise. Hence, we would recommend you to perform the same exercise under the supervision of a qualified health coach with personal training certification.

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