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By DAMON VICKERS 2,972 views

Who is Pushing the Globalist Agenda

The irony of the world is the people who were addressed to make the world a more peaceful place are in return doing the contrary. The actual situation which has been seen since decades is that these real globalists have been devastating civilization for decades.

According to the views of Damon Vickers, The globalists are here to ruin things, they want everything to be under their control they want your rifles, they want your freedom. They’re wavering beyond the range in those black helicopters to control your emotions displaying them as the protector of national peace. They also want to control the media which is a major influencing source they’ve dug deep into the state that unfolds like a vast tectonic plate underneath America’s delicate government organizations. Their primary goal is to replace the United States with the United Nations, to efface national borders, and form one huge, malicious international mandate. But it is obviously a distant dream, but these proclaimers of the piece behind the mask of Piece agenda are ruining the countries. The only person that stands in their way is right now the US president Donald Trump.

globalist Agenda

All this has been debated in the past also the Conspiracy scholars have been advising about a New World Order for centuries, For instance, going back to the old time one of the very famous isolationist experts of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt feared about the United Nations in the post-World War II moment. While the Cold War began, the John Birch Society and fringe constituents of the Republican Party nourished such anti-globalist emotions which proved to be a havoc for the society as a whole, but they never made much progress in this fast growing world who ignored their ideology. But as soon as the Cold War ended, this anti-globalist sickness commenced to expand again, and this time it was faster, and it was approaching to convert into a pandemic.

The real new world order has initiated Damon Vickers says. Also, there are a notable number of Americans who believe that they’re still comparatively protected behind the defenses of their president Donald Trump’s. Their Homeland forces shield them from international rebels activities. Damon Vickers says that as terrorism has reached its peak among the world, there is no place which we can consider as totally safe but countries try to maintain peace and a sense of independence so that their people can live in a protected space. Border protection agencies prevent convoys of expatriates and shelters seekers. By declining to approve membership in organizations like the International Criminal Court, Congress holds the United States vault from foreign powers.

Also, President Trump is making every effort possible to make America free from terror, he has strengthened such activities by removing the United States out of international treaties like the Paris climate agreement and global organizations like the UN Human Rights Council. As the world keeps hitting on America’s door, the present surge of nationalist lawmakers is to make all such possible laws to protect the country from all the social evils.

Damon Vickers

Damon Vickers is the author of New York Times Bestseller, " The Day After The Dollar Crashes". He enjoys writing and public speaking