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In general, factories and warehouses have several zones and sections of work that are allocated in multiple areas. To create a convenient separation between these work zones, PVC strip curtains are implemented. This separation helps in the classification and allocation of work to their respective workers. These PVC strip curtains offer multiple benefits and use to improve the day to day functioning of factories and industries.

Three Major Application and Uses Include:

  • Efficiency Protection
  • Versatility
  • Pollution constraints


  • PVC strip curtains are extremely efficient in their ways. They offer maximum efficiency and service in industrial setups and factory outlets. Since factories and industries have multiple zones of processing and work, these curtains come in handy by helping create separation without a big setup. Its convenient, simple, and cost-efficient. As factories and manufacturing plants have a lot of moving and carrying of heavy-duty load, it is quite impossible to open and close doors. This is where PVC strip doors come in place as they offer more efficiency than when you open and close the doors physically.


  • it comes to security, PVC strip doors offer the maximum protection from pollutants, pests & insects, electricity and temperature maintenance. Food manufacturing and other highly secure manufacturing departments must ensure the highest form of safety and security for their product so, PVC strip doors are installed to make sure the products do not get infected by air pollutants and bacteria. Pests & insects are also a significant hassle to constraint, while PVC strip doors take care by protecting the enclosure. It is also said that PVC strip doors reduce electricity consumption by 40% while improving air conditioning efficiency.
  • It also regulates the temperature at the required margin. While most factories try to eliminate warm air, these PVC strip doors restrict warm air from entering the premises. Thus, maintaining a relaxed environment required for the factories and industries.


  • clear strip doors have their utmost versatility factor. They can be implemented and put to use in multiple ways possible. From pharmaceutical industries, hotels, dairy industry, packaging industry, cold storage, manufacturing plants, warehouses, food processing zones, and health care facilities, to name a few. The versatility to be implemented in these multiple zones makes the PVC strip doors quite versatile and functional to work with. In most of these regions like hotels, food processing zones, and health care facilities, hygiene is the key factor that is looked upon. PVC strip doors offer maximum hygiene in all these zones of work, restricting flies and pests from affecting the product in the industry. This ensures the versatility of the PVC strip door.

Pollution Constraint-

  • strip doors offer in eluding dust and noise pollution in the best way possible. These strip doors help in blocking out the noise, dust, heat, and humidity from entering your premises. The strip doors act as dustproof material; hence any type of dust or air pollutant that comes into contact with the strip door will not be allowed to pass through the strip door inside the premises. These dust particles can be caused by the industries and manufacturing which produce and manufacture products of their entity. Thus, these PVC strip doors help in blocking out the dust particles and keeping the other bodies safe from any type of attack. While industries and factories are also loud and noisy for the most, these strip doors help in blocking out the noise from other work zones so that none of the work premises is disturbed and intruded. This is one of the core reasons as to why PVC strip doors are implemented in industries, factories, and manufacturing plants.
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