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rental agreement
By RON WOLF 1,754 views

How to save on Construction Equipment while keeping the Quality of Construction Work

It is impossible to imagine modern life without special equipment. Dump trucks and excavators are used at every construction site. Loaders are used in warehouses, and a lot of different machines are used for landscaping. Almost any construction site requires special equipment Almost any construction site requires special equipment such as heras fencing. Renting heras fencing for hire is the best option to do as you can save a lot than buying a new one. Acquisition of various types of special equipment for your own needs is not always a rational solution. When organizing a business related to construction, it is impossible to do without solid financial investments. This is understandable because one of the main items of expenditure in this matter is the acquisition and maintenance of special equipment. Therefore, many people prefer to rent it. Nowadays, you can rent various types of special equipment, ranging from the most expensive models to budget options. 

Pros and savings 

To understand how profitable such savings will be, you need to pay attention to certain points:

  1. When fulfilling an expensive or very important order, a contractor using rented high-class special equipment can be confident in the quality and timeliness of the work performed.
  2. Cases of unpredictable breakdowns when using such equipment are practically reduced to zero. 
  3. The productivity of workers is significantly increased because each specialist will readily take the work on the construction site if he has convenient, safe, and high-quality equipment at his disposal.

Large companies can usually afford to simply buy special equipment and maintain a large fleet of vehicles, which includes everything you need. But medium and small companies, as a rule, do not have such means. They do not always need a large number of various special equipment. For example, to carry out high-rise work, it is simply necessary to use an aerial platform. To load large-scale objects, you cannot do without the help of a truck crane. If it is necessary to repair the facade of the building, then using an aerial platform, you can raise workers with a tool to a height. Cranes are used for lifting and loading operations. Typically, the lifting capacity of the crane corresponds to the boom reach, differing from it by a small amount. For various types of work, other types of special equipment may be required, which can just be rented.

The most popular types of special equipment 

Most often, the construction starts with site works or the demolition of old buildings. Renting a bulldozer in this situation will be a universal solution, because the bulldozer has excellent cross-country ability, sufficient mobility, and can work in inaccessible places. Depending on the upcoming construction plans, the bulldozer can be supplemented with a variety of replaceable units, for example, hydraulic hammers. 

Excavators, like bulldozers, are used to erecting various embankments and level the site. There are such machines in a variety of modifications and capacities. It is worth choosing the right one for your needs. Additional buckets can be installed on the excavator, which will make the equipment more functional. Modern crane manipulators are quickly assembled, practical in transportation, and can be easily moved within the construction site. 

A crane-manipulator is convenient for transport works. This machine provides loading and unloading and transportation. Forklift rental is a great solution for this task too.

Trailed graders are wheeled equipment with cutting blades, which are used for leveling and compacting the soil. 

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To whom, and why is it profitable to rent construction equipment? 

Buying construction tools is the prerogative of large companies with a large financial turnover. The ability to rent special equipment is a big plus for smaller companies. It’s a great solution for companies who have to do a lot of varied work in the shortest possible time. And to perform one-time work, there is no need to buy expensive equipment on property. The cost of the rental service is calculated on the basis of the amount of work required to be performed, or an hourly rate. It goes without saying that the rental of special equipment allows you to exclude temporary downtime of machines at the facilities. It is possible, depending on the type of work performed, to select mechanisms that are optimal in terms of power and functionality.

Rental of special equipment is a guarantee of the provision of the required number and types of special equipment at the specified address and at the specified time. The main task of the customer who resorted to the service of renting special equipment is a reasoned choice of the company and full compliance with the rental agreement.


Rental is a quick, inexpensive, and convenient solution to all problems associated with the use of construction equipment. Good companies pay attention to their own reputation, are interested in each client. They carry out technical inspections and timely repairs, regularly update vehicle fleets. Search for equipment and rent suitable options should only be among trusted firms. Search firms with a large number of customers, normal reviews, and positive recommendations.

Ron Wolf

Ron Wolf is a hobby designer and a DIY enthusiast, and, above all, a very blessed father of two. Besides that, he has a strong passion for writing. If he is not working he enjoys being outside with his family. Hiking, bike riding, and BBQing are always a thing for him. In the evening, he likes to watch documentaries or build something with kids in their lego corner.