Your home is unique in its own way. Well, even your questions regarding your home and its matters differ from others then. This individuality is great! But often you’ll find some doubts and questions which are frequently asked by all and sundry. And most of the queries you have about your exterior paint in your home are actually the ones that even others inquire about. So, answering them becomes an absolute must.

The very common questions around exterior painting!

We understand that you are quite concerned about your house’s exterior and it’s paint. And why not, its appeal is directly proportional to your home’s first impression. Also, the paint often serves as a protective shield in safeguarding your home’s foundation. So, if you have doubts that we have listed below, then you can easily clear them now

  • Is using a branded paint necessary for the exterior painting job? — Almost every homeowner tends to ask this question. So, while the temptation to go for cheap paint is really high and even costs you very less — but understand that you want your exterior paints to last for a certain period of time. So, at the end of the day, if you are not using a proper branded exterior paint, you would be repainting your house every second year
  • For how long does the exterior paint last? —The life of your exterior paint is totally dependent upon the quality and brand you used for the same. But on average, exterior paint should last for around 7 to 8 years.
  • How often should you paint your exterior? — If you are not waiting for the paint to wear off automatically, which takes around 7 years (as we said above), then you should repaint your house after every 4 to 5 years. This is the touch-up phase that lets your house look good always.
  • Should you hire an expert for the exterior painting job or do it yourself – Most people think that exterior painting isn’t that important — and they tend to paint the same by themselves. Well, if you are really good at painting and you can provide a perfect finish to your home’s exterior, then why not! But remember, there are certain factors to keep in mind as well. Like the height of your home. If your home is really high, then you have to be very safe while you are climbing the ladder to paint. Secondly, you should have the proper knowledge of the paints and the application. And thirdly, you should have the time to dedicate to your exterior paint job. Or the other option is to call experts from Flamingo Exterior Painting for exterior painting of your house. Their decade long experience and commendable knowledge ensure that your exterior paint doesn’t go wrong in any way.

Just remember, never ever adjust in the quality and execution of the exterior paint and the paint job. It ultimately makes your home the beauty it is today.

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Joe Maillet
Joe Maillet
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