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Importance of QuickBooks for Non-Profit Organizations
By JOE MAILLET 1,839 views

Importance of QuickBooks for Non-Profit Organizations

Are you planning for the setup of a non-profit organization? Accounting software is a vital cog for any business to check the making & spending. 

QuickBooks cloud computing has come up as the best alternative to manage finances at an affordable cost. 

QuickBooks is the top-rated accounting software for modern-day businesses, as well as non-profit organizations. The right kind of accounting will ensure the saving of funds and generate correct reports. Select the right kind of QuickBooks hosting provider for business and nonprofit organizational benefits. 

Non-profit organizations can use QuickBooks to maintain infrastructure, manage the expenses, pay employees, and all the miscellaneous expenses. At times, it becomes hard for such an organization to manage the funds and thus an effective accounting platform will help get accurate data & information. 

The best thing in QuickBooks for a non-profit organization is that it can keep its account different from the profit-earning firms. The accounting requirements are different in the case of these organizations and the software has features to manage it accordingly. It can now keep a track of the contributions in the organization and also the e-receipts. 

 Best Features of QuickBooks for Non-profit Organizations 

Easy Invoicing 

Staying on top of the invoices is vital to keep track of adequate cash flow. With QuickBooks Cloud Computing, you can collect payment easily with electronic invoicing. 

QuickBooks Enterprise Solution has all the right features of proper invoicing for non-profit organizations. Save your accounting team’s valuable effort by getting the software and ensure healthy cash flow. 

With the ‘Pay Now’ link, businesses now can email the invoices easily to their clients or donors. Automate reminders for clients and can also schedule the emails for later payments. Follow up on customer’s outstanding balances to keep the cash flow in non-profit organizations healthy. 

 Quick Reporting

Decision-making is important for all businesses and generating the right reports ensures the right results. QuickBooks cloud hosting will ensure an advanced reporting facility for non-profit organizations. 

You get a powerful tool to manage the customized reports as per the needs. But the non-profit organizations don’t need to do any more report-writing on copies. The QuickBooks software for nonprofits provides a bundle of reports for the clients & customers. 

Simple Integration with MS Office

MS Office is used by all kinds of organizations for sending the right details to their clients & customers. In the case of non-profit organizations, it becomes easy to share the details with the donors. 

QuickBooks can easily re-populate the template with your organization’s data and it also provides the flexibility to work with similar apps without any time waste. 

With the software, you can customize the reports, templates, donor forms to change the fields, and also generate statements. 

Fixing Appointments & Scheduling Tasks

Using the right QuickBooks hosting, it is easy to manage the non-profit organization for the benefit of people. No need now to worry about missing appointments or missing out on critical tasks. 

Once the user accesses the account, it automatically starts displaying the past due tasks as well as the to-dos. The admin can easily arrange the meetings, tasks, calls, & meets on priority. If needed, one can also add valuable comments in the detail box. 

Simple Interface

Have you never used QuickBooks for accounting? You should try using the accounting software just for its simple to use interface. If you are looking for an application that is very simple to access, then it is the one. 

The interface for non-profit organizations ensures the tackling of standard functions. The home page of the QuickBooks cloud computing interface shows that tasks are co-related and it is easy to access the functions just with a click. 

You can also reach out to QuickBooks technical support experts for the best assistance on the accounting software. 

Unified Charts of Accounts 

It is the kind of methodology for the charts of accounts in non-profit organizations. Unified Charts of Accounts is based on financial line items on IRS Form 990 and is meant to classify the transactions. 

With it, such organizations can complete the IRS forms and make it simpler for government agencies & donors to access the reports. Customization of the chart of accounts is simpler and it is easy to manipulate the accounts in QuickBooks remotely. 


The non-profit organizations need to select QuickBooks cloud computing for simple management of finances. The simple interface and the features within the software ensure proper accounting. 

QuickBooks is the accounting software that suits the needs of your non-profit firm and taps into the additional resources of the technology. 

Make sure that your organization grows in a well-planned and organized way. 

Make sure you choose the right kind of QuickBooks cloud hosting provider who can assist your non-profit organization in getting your application correctly. Contact Sagenext Infotech on +1-855-922-7243 for smart cloud solutions to manage key accounting operations. 

Joe Maillet

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