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What Are The Dos And Don’t Of Dressing Up For The Races?

Spending a day at the races calls preparation and planning to avoid last-minute intricate situations and problems. Finding the right outfits or race dresses can be tricky, especially if this is your first time attending live race events.

When it comes to fashion, you should make thoughtful decisions that help make you feel comfortable all day. To look appropriate and stylish for racing events, it is imperative to create an elegant, unique, and memorable look. Particularly, formal and semi-formal wear make a perfect choice for racing and help create a remarkable statement.

To help you select the best attire for horse racing events and leave an everlasting impression, we have listed the dos and don’ts for dressing up for the racing. Continue reading this article until the end to explore some versatile and prominent dressing options. 

The Do’s

If you enjoy watching racing, you would know that races have always been a great place for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their talents and elegant outfits. Dressing inappropriately might make you feel out of place and cautious about your style. Here are some important dos that you should follow while dressing up for race events.

  1. Consider the weather

Always check the weather before leaving your house. Usually, racing events take place in locations having stable climate conditions. Rarely will you see it organized during the rainy or winter seasons. However, if you happen to attend a racing event during uncertain weather conditions, take precautions accordingly. Carry extra pairs of umbrellas to avoid getting tanned in the heat, always keep stock of medical supplies, and avoid wearing dresses that make you sweat profoundly. 

  1. Know your style

Each individual has their unique style and fashion taste. It is vital to understand your style and choose what fits well with your body type. If you’re a beginner, you should choose the clothes that attract your attention the most and pair them with contrasting colors and other accessories. Creating your unique style is easy as long as the clothes look great on your body.

  1. Dress as per the theme

One of the best ways to dress up appropriately for any occasion is to dress according to the theme of the event. Summer race dresses, form attire, and semi-formal outfits are some of the best options to choose from. During hot summer days, a breathable summer race dress can help you survive the heat without making you uncomfortable. Choose breathable outfits to help you avoid body sweat, bad odor, and other related problems. 

  1. Accessories

Lastly, accessories are a must to uplift the overall look of any outfit. Try to keep it simple and minimal by wearing sufficient accessories. Pairing your outfit with large hoop earrings, rings, or watches should enhance your look and add the perfect charm to your outfit. Opt for medium or small handbags that don’t take away the attention from your dress. Avoid wearing heavy jewelry that can make you feel uncomfortable or leave rashes on your body.

The Don’ts

Even minor mistakes while styling your outfits can affect your overall appearance and spoil your mood. To help you look the best and avoid common mistakes, here are some things you should consider before dressing up for a race event.

  1. Heavy makeup

Heavy makeup is a big no for women attending race events. Heat and extreme weather conditions can wear off your makeup and make your skin look unpleasant. It is always best to apply a good amount of sunscreen and minimum makeup to make your skin more breathable and avoid any skin-related problems that might occur due to heavy makeup. Apply minimum makeup products as per your dressing style to balance your overall look. 

  1. High heels

High heels can make you feel uncomfortable all day long. Shoe bites, skin rashes, body aches, and more are some of the common problems that occur after wearing high heels. Additionally, the stadiums where the race takes place are usually muddy and unsuitable for high heels. If you are cautious about your height, you can consider wearing platform sandals, shoes, and other comfortable footwear that will help you increase your height by an inch or more. 

  1. Headwear

Headwear can be the ultimate game changer of your entire appearance. It can either make or break your fashion games. Wearing long and wide headwear can draw attention from your race dresses to your hat dramatically. Hence, it is important to choose the perfect size of headwear or hat to balance your outfit and make a fashion statement.

Bonus tip: Take fashion inspiration from the internet to always stay updated with the latest fashion trends to upgrade your fashion games and stand out from the crowd. Forget about your habit of carrying a purse or a bag in your hand every time you step out. It is much better to carry a clutch with you that can organize your touch-up makeup and make you look humble over your dress.

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