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norms in digital marketing

Raymond Halliwell Talks About New Norms In Digital Marketing

Nations and even the world at large is yet to recover fully from the uncertainty brought about by the Covid19 outbreak. Also due to the impact of this pandemic around the world, several traditional ways of doing business have been affected. As a result, businesses and marketers are faced with the challenges of surviving the crisis which brings about new norms in digital marketing. Many businesses have to re-examine their marketing strategies during the pandemic period as a large number of their consumers are indoors using the internet more often. Raymond Halliwell in this post will help you understand the new norms in digital marketing.

According to Raymond Halliwell, E-commerce platforms increased rapidly during the pandemic thanks to digital technology. During the period people were sitting down at their homes this gave people more opportunities by using e-commerce to sell their products. This has made e-commerce rise in power. 

Also, virtual events are on the high rise, as organizations conduct meetings on platforms like zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft teams.    

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the means of promoting or advertising and selling products and services through online marketing strategies like email marketing, search ads and social media campaigns. When it comes to businesses passing the message across to their prospective and existing customers about their products or services in this present time, digital marketing is the new norm.  

Digital marketing is not just a means of generating leads but one can also track the real-time performance of the strategy being used. It put you in a position where customers can easily see you and interact with you to know more about your products and services or show their interest. 

Some Digital Marketing Strategies

Traditional and digital marketing are similar in different ways as they both aim to build favourable relationships between customers and businesses. This is achieved by using advert to communicate important messages to customers and for more visibility. But the fact remains that digital marketing has somehow overtaken traditional tactics. This is because it is more effective, produces a faster result and reaches more customers.

Today many prefer shopping online for most of their need. Therefore as a business owner, you want to establish and maintain a strong online presence and ensure your products and services are marketed digitally. There are several digital marketing channels to explore which businesses can use to connect with their customers like social media channels, email marketing campaigns, informative and useful content and many more. Every digital channel is of importance as they each have their benefit and use.

Social Media Channel

It is one of the most popular means of engaging your customers which was evident during the pandemic period as platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok experienced a significant increase in the number of sessions at that time. Social media channels provide the platform for you to engage with your customers and prospective customers directly. And you can also create awareness campaigns that will connect you with your targeted audience. 

Creating Informative and Useful Content

With informative and useful content in the form of videos, blogs and infographics can help increase your site ranking online. Apart from that, creating informative and useful content that addresses customer’s issues and provides insight for them will benefit your business. This will also help you reach out to more audiences than your normal reach.

Pay Per Click(PPC) Networks

A lot of business has imbibed the use of investment in advertisements as this drives paid traffic to their website leading to faster growth. PPC networks include Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Bing. The majority of people that go online to research products or services don’t have the patience of browsing through pages to get on your page. With paid adverts on prominent social networking sites and search engines, you can get more coverage and visibility.

Email Marketing Campaigns

It is not sufficient to only attract prospects and generate leads as you also need to drive conversions. For that to be done you must be able to maintain the interest of customers in your products and services throughout the sales funnel. This is where email marketing campaigns are needed and is a must for businesses that want to convert leads. With email marketing, you can guide your customers from being curious about your products and services to buying them. And it has been proven to be very effective over the years. 

You should know that digital marketing is constantly changing and the online scene is evolving as well. Therefore you don’t want to go for a one-size-fits-all approach, rather businesses should be able to understand the fundamentals. With that, they will be able to experiment. 


Businesses or organizations that cannot adapt to the new norms in digital marketing will be faced with challenges. This is because digital marketing is not just providing a temporary solution but offers long-term benefits. If you are yet to launch out into the digital space then now will be the right time. Adaptation to the new norm in digital marketing will help to improve your business. 

Raymond Halliwell

Hi, I am Raymond Halliwell, a passionate and enthusiastic digital marketing professional with 3 years experience working across Marketing & PR strategy, brand development and digital communications.