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Real estate transactions
By JOE MAILLET 2,289 views

6 Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For Real Estate Transactions 

Real estate transactions, like buying or selling a property, aren’t simple. They involve complex deals, legal contracts, and tedious procedures that require the expertise of professionals to avoid pitfalls. Buying or selling a property is a big move. But if you’re new to the real estate market scene, you can make it right the first time with the help of a lawyer.

However, many home sellers or buyers don’t consider hiring a real estate attorney, thinking that such an added expense would be unnecessary. Oftentimes, they prefer to go through the process by themselves, no matter how hard it gets. They fail to realize that there are so many things that a lawyer can do for them throughout the transaction process. Even after they’ve sold or bought a property, a lawyer can still assist them with other legal undertakings that may involve their property. Below are some of the reasons why working with a legal professional when you’re dealing with real estate transactions is a smart move. 

  • The Preparation And Review Of Property Documents Require Legal Know-How 

Almost all transactions in the real estate industry require legal know-how. It’s something that most non-legal professionals lack. That’s why people who decide to sell or buy properties by themselves sometimes end up with erroneous documents, which create problems down the road. If your aim is to avoid delays, it’s best to have a legal professional handle the title document, purchase agreement, transfer, and other necessary documentation. 

Of course, it’s also essential to only work with an experienced, reliable real estate attorney like Ohio lawyer Ryan Gibbs. Although legal fees are often expensive, if you think about it, you’re not only paying for convenience. You’re also paying to make sure that your transactions are smooth sailing, and to eliminate the possibilities of legal issues in the process. That’s why you also have to ensure that you’re only spending money on a reliable lawyer who can guarantee results.


  • Lawyers Can Draft Binding Contracts That Adhere To The Laws 

To make an agreement accepted by all parties involved legally binding, a contract is essential. In real estate transactions, this helps to avoid misunderstandings and prevents legal issues in the future. However, when a contract is poorly drafted and doesn’t address all the details needed, it won’t be enough to protect both parties against potential legal issues that may arise.  

Legal contracts, especially for something as complex as a property sale, are best written by lawyers for this reason. Not only can an attorney help negotiate on your behalf during the contract preparation process, but they can also spot loopholes and resolve them immediately. Note that making changes or amending the contract later also requires legal knowledge that only lawyers can provide.


  • Lawyers Can Help You Avoid Mishandling Transactions That May Result In Lawsuits

Lawyers play an understated role in property sales. Not having a lawyer when selling a house or commercial property could put you at a higher risk of being sued especially when you fail to disclose important information. For instance, failing to disclose any property defects may lead to lawsuits, especially if you’re dealing with a corporation. To ensure that you provide full disclosure of all relevant details, have a lawyer review the home inspection results first. 

  • Lawyers Can Ensure Proper Compliance With Legal Procedures

Laws governing real estate transactions typically vary across states. These laws change over time, which is why having a lawyer who’s experienced in your state and is always up-to-date with recent developments is helpful if you want to make sure you’re complying with your state’s laws. 

Some of the essential processes you should be careful of are the property acquisition procedure, property zoning, closing, and dispute resolution. These processes have varying levels of complexities, but can be addressed quickly with the help of a legal professional.

  • Lawyers Can Protect You Against Discrimination

Discrimination in the real estate industry isn’t new. However, nobody deserves it no matter reason, may it be because of race, sex, or religion. After all, discrimination in mortgage lending or any other real estate transaction is illegal.  An attorney can represent victims of suspected discrimination, especially in property sales. However, if you have a legal professional representing you from the beginning, you likely won’t have to worry about being discriminated against.


  • Real Estate Transactions Can Be Daunting

The entire process of a property sale can be intimidating and daunting. But if you know you have a legal professional backing you, it may help boost your confidence throughout the process. It only makes sense because you have an expert guiding you and making sure your rights are exercised and protected. It’s not only convenient for you, but it’ll also give you that peace of mind that you’ll be glad to have in an often stressful process.


These are only some of the many reasons why hiring a legal expert to guide you through your real estate transactions will be worth your money. A legal professional can help you produce error-free real estate documents, create legally binding contracts, avoid legal issues, and protect you against discrimination. More importantly, lawyers will help speed up your property sale while ensuring your adherence to crucial state laws.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.

  1. Thanks for pointing out that hiring a lawyer makes it easier to deal with any legal issues you may experience when purchasing a home. My uncle wants a retirement home where he could relax for the rest of his life. I hope this could convince him to look for a real estate lawyer before purchasing one on impulse.

  2. My sister would like to buy a commercial building this year, and that is why she has decided to start looking for a commercial lawyer that may help her with the whole process. Thank you for sharing here as well that the lawyer will be able to help with the zoning, dispute, and losing process. It’s also a good thing that you clarified here that the attorney will give their patients peace of mind.