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why you should buy health insurance
By KHUSHIKAUR 1,374 views

Preserving the Wealth of Health: Reasons why you should buy health insurance

Owing to a sedentary lifestyle, most people encounter various health problems early in their life. Finding the right healthcare provider might not be an issue for many, but the expenditure on availing medical facilities can often burn a hole in your pocket. Health insurance from leading insurance providers like Max Bupa Health Insurance, Universal Sompo, Religare, etc. can help a lot in curbing healthcare expenses. Here are some reasons you should consider buying life insurance coverage right away. Take a look:

1. Safeguarding yourself and your family

Healthcare is a necessity not only for you but also for your aging parents, young children, as well as your spouse. Buying health insurance that covers all your family members can help you safeguard the well-being of yourself as well as your entire family. At a time when a pandemic is rampaging through the country, a health insurance policy for your family can prove to be extremely useful.

2. Countering inadequate insurance cover

Some people often wonder: “My employer has provided me with a health cover. Why should I consider buying another health insurance policy?” The insurance offered by your employer might offer some assistance, but it might not be adequate enough to cover all expenses in case you have a medical emergency. Check the hospital’s daily charges and see if your existing policy can cover the expenses for a week. If not, it’s better you invest in an additional health cover.

3. Protection for your savings

An unforeseen illness can cause great anguish and distress, more so if you are not financially prepared for it. Buying a healthcare insurance policy today from leading insurance providers like Max Bupa Health Insurance can save you from financial problems tomorrow. Not only will it protect your savings, but it will also take the worry about the medical expenses off you. As an added bonus, investing in health insurance offers tax benefits, thus adding to your savings.

4. Dealing with medical inflation

As medical technology keeps improving, the cost of treatment rises as well. You might have prepared yourself to bear healthcare expenses according to the current rates for treatment, but that doesn’t ensure your financial preparedness should the rates increase in the near future. Investing in a health insurance policy can save you the trouble, making you adequately prepared in case you face any healthcare crisis.

5. Effectively fight lifestyle diseases

More and more people under the age of 45 are suffering from various health problems owing to a sedentary lifestyle, pollution, stress, and unhealthy eating habits. Health issues such as respiratory problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes etc. are now affecting the younger population as much as the elderly. Investing in a comprehensive health insurance policy that covers regular health check-ups can help detect these problems early and effectively fight against them, without worrying about the expenses.

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a health insurance policy is an absolute essential. Not only does it offer financial preparedness and protection for savings, but it also ensures you receive the right treatment at the right time without worrying about the expenses.


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