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Personal Injury Lawyer
By DALE A. HAYES 859 views

3 Reasons Why Personal Injury Lawyer Will refuse To take Your Case

According to most personal injury lawyers, there are two major questions that people usually ask are, “Does my case consider as a personal injury?” And “How much claim is possible to get from a personal injury?”  If someone can answer to these questions is your injury lawyer. He can tell you if your case is worth taking in front of judge or not.

Do you want to know for what reasons your lawyer can refuse to take your case? Let’s explore together.

Sometimes you get lucky when you do not get major injuries after a serious accident. But when it comes to claiming for personal injury, it is only possible if the injury is too serious. Your lawyer can tell you in what circumstances you can claim for injuries or in what circumstances you cannot.  If the injury is real and serious, you can ask for a claim within the mentioned period in law. In case you don’t, then the lawyer will decline to fight for you in the court.

The accident may not consider a reason for personal injury

A personal injury case is a situation when your body, but not property gets injured due to other party negligence or by intent. The responsibility of a lawyer to evaluate the situation, the reason for the accident, and your injury. As he needs to prove that the injury occurred due to other party’s fault. It could be negligence or by intent. In some case, it becomes difficult to prove fault, and this is when the lawyer refuses to take your case to the court.

Economically your appeal does not make sense

A lawyer before taking your case to consider various things, including how much time will it take, how genuine and real your case is, will he get any benefit from your case. In simple words, he evaluates his time and money he can earn from your case. If he finds representing your case won’t give him enough compensation, he might decline to represent you. In simple words, most lawyers pick those cases that give them economic benefits.

Final Words

These are the few major reasons why most personal injury lawyer decline to represent the individual case in the court. Therefore, before you approach an attorney, make sure you explain your case in such a way that he won’t say no to represent you and your case.

Dale A. Hayes

Dale is a second generation Las Vegan and his son Tripp is a third generation. Dale graduated from Durango High School and received a golf/athletic scholarship from Point Loma College. Dale started as a true freshman and played in several collegiate tournaments. In 2001, Dale graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In 2004, he received his Juris Doctor Degree, graduating in the top third of his class from the William S. Boyd School of Law. While at Boyd, Dale defended juveniles accused of crimes as a student attorney of the Thomas & Mack Legal Clinic. Dale was involved in various criminal defenses ranging from drug possession to grand theft. Dale previously served as a judicial extern to the Honorable Stewart L. Bell.