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Trademark registration lawyer in kolkata
By MOHIT TAWDE 1,607 views

Registration of Trademark for your Best Creations

When you invent or create a work of your own, you will always want to protect it and not let it get used wrongfully in the hands of others. Trademark registration is one such option that will help you to protect your work legally. The trademark attorneys in Kolkata will definitely assist you as and when you want to register your work.

The importance and need for trademark registration 

It always takes a lot of effort when you produce the best of your work and in no way you want to let it get ruined by others.

  • Stands out: a trademark for your business or work will help you to stand out from the rest. Choose a logo, symbol or so on which will be used to identify your work or business.
  • No copy cats: trademark registration saves your product, business or service from not being a doppelganger of another’s work. However, your work should not be a copy of someone else’s too.
  • Assured rights: getting your work a trademark registration ensures intellectual property rights and restores your own right over your work, business, service or product.
  • Unique features: the trademark registration ensures that the unique features of your work are protected. It will prevent others from stealing your work.

The benefits of trademark registration

It is always suggested that if you get a trademark registration done then there will be very fewer chances of your work getting stolen or misused by others. The trademark registration will kind of give you the assurance that your creation remains yours only.

  • Business recognition: a particular field of business in which you excelled and want to give recognition to it, then you must get your business registered with a trademark as per your choice.
  • Generates goodwill: if your business, service or work does really well and has its own trademark then it will be easier for people to recognize it better. This also gives your business a chance to generate Goodwill in the market.
  • It helps in earning profits: when your business will get a chance to expand due to its well-earned name. This will in turn churn more profits.
  • Intellectual property rights: trademark registration creates intellectual property rights. A particular logo, symbol, sign, or design will lead your work to less of plagiarism.

Budget-friendly registration charges 

If you want your work, goods, business, or service to get a trademark registration then you must consult a trademark attorney. You can also avail the option of domain name trademark in Kolkata which helps your work to be distinguished from that of others’. It helps people to recognize it easily due to the distinguishing features and the name. However, the trademark attorney shall not charge havoc for trademark registration. Many new start-ups and companies might not afford expensive attorneys. If the rates are budget-friendly then there will be chances of more registrations by people.

Why choose a trademark attorney?

Trademark registration of your work is very important. Choosing a trademark attorney is always a good investment because he can guide you through the process. There are trademark attorneys in Kolkata who are always willing to help you out whenever you would like to seek help.

  • A trademark attorney will advise you on the perks of registering your work.
  • You will be informed by him about the legalities involved in getting your work registered.
  • He keeps you away from any legal entanglements.
  • The trademark attorney is well aware of the changes in the laws and thus will be able to help you walk on safer lines without any hassles.
mohit tawde

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