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Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini

Legal requirements you need to know before remodeling your home.

So you are about to start a major home renovation project, Great! But wait a second. Do you know about all the building laws and regulations guiding home renovation. Well, this is one aspect you don’t want to take for granted or look into after you have already got started.

Ever heard of a neighbor filing a case against you as a result of your newly constructed second story building obstructing their view. Worst still, ever seen someone get in a home accident due to a construction below standard carried out by the contractor.  Sadly, the home renovation you just concluded is being pulled down because you fail to follow the building codes and laws. These and more are the legal headaches and disputes you might end up dealing with when you fail to understand what the law says about home renovation before getting started. Hence, before signing that home renovation contract with the contractor, we speak to an expert, Luiz Phillippe gomes rubini, renowned building contractors expert to shed more light on legal duties to fulfill when involving in home renovation. This way, you can turn your dream home into reality with peace of mind.

Understand your zonal laws and permit

The first thing to do is to know what is and what’s not permitted in your zone when it comes to homebuilding and renovation. You might own the building but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want with it. These laws are created to safeguard public health, safety and welfare and ensure the building or remodeling meets the required standards. For this, talk to your local zoning officer or other planning board to obtain information relating to restrictions, regulations, easement and any other information you need to follow for home remodeling.

Find out which works requires a permit

There are states and local building codes dictating which renovations will require a permit and which one doesn’t. Luiz Phillippe gomes rubini said it’s mostly large-scale projects that might require permits. This includes adding an extra room to your home, building garages or sheds, installing a fireplace or making major electrical and plumbing system changes.  However, if it’s only to hang wallpaper, paint your house, install carpet, make minor electrical or plumbing repairs, a permit might not be necessary.

Whatever the case might be, your sure bet for information is with the local building office. Contact them for building and renovation codes applicable for your area. This will allow you to know which renovation work needs a permit and which one you do not have to worry about.

Know if other special permit will be required

There are some other permits that are required that many tend to overlook. For instance, turning that basement to a bedroom is a great idea but it might be violating some rules. Windows are important for bedrooms not only for proper ventilation but also as a means of escape in case any emergencies happen. A high fence looks good but is it blocking your neighbor’s views? Adding a swimming pool to your home sounds exciting but will it require permission from the local water authorities? There are some special permits you need to look into when remodeling your home. Ask your contractor, home designers or any local authorities for a special permit you might not be aware of.

Work with a licensed contractor

The importance of using a licensed contractor for your home renovation cannot be overemphasized. A licensed contractor has already proven to be bonded and insured. He also has all it takes to be an expert in terms of skills, competency and experience and has gotten a license to show for it. “Don’t be carried away by contractors who will promise everything but leave you with work that isn’t up to par, Luiz Phillippe gomes rubini advises. You might have to deal with legal disputes in case any work-related accidents occur. Therefore, only go for a contractor with up-to-date license.

Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini

Luiz Phillippe Gomes Rubini is a building contractor and responsible for coordinating construction projects and managing various aspects of building sites. He also consulted with clients during the design phase to assist in the process of refining co