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renovating your home
By ANTHONY WARDAN 3,269 views

Budget Alert – Tips for Renovating Your Home

When you are renovating your home, your goal is to beautify it and make it more livable. You need to plan and know what you want. When you know what you want, it makes it easier to know what to do.

Maple Living renovates homes with the latest styles. The firm follows its clients’ instructions and uses durable materials for its work. Anthony Wardan is the director of Maple Living. He is an expert in home renovations. Here are tips by Anthony Wardan on how to save money during renovations.

Find space to store extra loads

Renovation can be a bit difficult if there is not enough space to move around or place new things. If your furniture is too heavy and occupies too much space, then you can find where to store them. You might have additional furniture you don’t use. You can store them for later use. It protects your furniture from damage. You can rent a storage space outside your home to put extra and unused accessories.

Purchase necessary items beforehand

When you are renovating your home, buy items before the crucial time. When you have the necessary materials, you don’t need to go back and forth and you can work efficiently. Prepare a list of things needed for renovations. When you have a list, things begin to fall into place. You won’t forget to buy things you need either.

Use the most suitable color to paint

If your renovation is a modest one, you can choose the best color for your painting. You can go online to find the right shade or seek the opinions of people around you. Find out the latest color trends. This prevents you from buying the same set of colors and saves your money too.

Make a budget

Planning the amount you want to spend is a wise way of saving money. “Budgeting does not equate to buying inferior and cheap materials,” stressed Anthony Wardan. It simply means allocating a specific amount you want to spend on a specific item.

Make a budget according to the amount of money you have to prevent you from using all your money carelessly. Your budget will determine your design type and style when you are renovating your home. It will also influence the materials, accessories, and appliances you use.

You can create a list of all the things you need to purchase, add their prices according to the quotes you have. Include the price for labor too. Leave room for flexibility, that is the prices might go a bit higher when you want to buy. If you notice there are some materials you can buy for a lesser price with the same quality, then adjust your list. You can cross out items that are not necessary to save costs.

Organizing what you need to do goes a long way in reducing money and resources. Ensure you are not exceeding your budget nor compromise on quality when you renovate.

Create a plan for each renovation stage

Make a schedule for all the phases of renovation using a scale of preference. Include when you want each phase to be completed. Make provisions for any future adjustments. Assess your plan over and over again for evaluation.

Get different quotations

Do not depend on price listings from a single source. Check out multiple sources and get numerous price lists from them. For every phase of your decoration, visit different shops and bargain for the best price. Then you can compare which price is the best for you.

After finding out the prices, do your findings on the shop(s) you choose while renovating your home. Read customers’ feedback and check for the quality of their products. You can find the price list of Maple Living products and services on their website.

Employ skilled personnel

Employ the right worker for your job. They need to be competent and be able to finish at the stipulated time. You should be able to effectively convey what you want to them. Instead of spending thousands of money hiring an international expert, hire local competent workers.

Be on the lookout for the sales period

Sales periods occur every season and during any festival. Prices of goods and services are cheaper and discounts are offered. You can get exclusive products at bargain prices. Therefore, being a new home buyer you can buy as much as you want with less money. Make sure the prices during the sales period are cheaper than the normal prices.

You can subscribe to the mailing lists of companies to know their sales period ahead of time. It helps you plan accordingly.

Do It Yourself methods

There are some simple renovations you can do yourself to save costs. Only do the parts you are confident in executing in. If you do not know what you are doing, hire an expert.

Ask for additional help

Seek an expert opinion before you start. What you think is suitable might not be the right thing you need. You will learn which style is comfortable and the best and durable materials to use.

“You can ask your family and friends for help too,” says Anthony Wardan. They can help you move heavy furniture, fix the door, paint, and many more.

In conclusion, create a middle ground between quality and cost. Use sustainable materials if possible and never compromise on value.

Anthony Wardan

Anthony Wardan, Director at Maple Living. Run business with a team of qualified and licensed professionals completing homes to the highest standards.

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