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Living in a condominium is a common goal for many individuals in Singapore. That is because most condominiums in Singapore are luxurious, safe, and beneficial to live in. Buying a condominium is not easy because of the hefty Singapore condo price value. In addition, it is hard to provide a large sum of funds to cover the upfront costs of buying a condominium. That is why many prefer to look for a condo for rent Singapore option to live in.

Do you want to rent a unit in a condominium in Singapore? If so, there are a few things that you need to take note of. In this article, we will discuss the three things to consider when looking for a condo for rent Singapore unit.

#1 – Location of the condominium

Location is probably the number one factor that should be considered when renting a condominium in Singapore. Aside from being a prime component of the Singapore condo price, it also has something to do with convenience. Most condominiums are located near an MRT station or a bus station. They too are also connected to some of the major expressways in Singapore. Thus, living in a condominium means that you will be a few minutes away from accessing vital transportation systems.

Moreover, most condo for rent Singapore developers make sure that their condominiums are not exposed to noise pollution. However, there are some that failed to solve this problem. Therefore, tenants should also check if the condominium they intend to rent is free from noise. 

The condo for rent Singapore property should also be surrounded with the necessary facilities and amenities. There should be grocery stores and malls close by. If you are a student or a tenant with children, it is important that there are schools nearby. Furthermore, you should ensure that you can afford the facilities and amenities nearby. There might be a grocery store nearby but it is not useful if the prices there are too high. Thus, this is something that you should also check out.

#2 – Singapore condo price of rent and other expenses

Another important thing to consider when renting a condominium is the rent. Can you afford the monthly rent presented by the landlord? If so, the next thing you should ask is if you can pay for the other expenses. Apart from the Singapore condo price rent, you will need to pay for the monthly utility bills such as electricity and water. Thus, it is important that you include the costs of utilities when comparing condominium rent.

Furthermore, condominiums collect monthly maintenance fees that are used to cover the expenses of the facilities. That is why you should also determine whether who will pay for the maintenance fee. There are times that landlords include a tenant’s share for the maintenance fee in the monthly rent. However, there are plenty of landlords who consider this as a separate cost that should be covered by the tenant. Thus, make sure that you know who will pay the maintenance fees. 

In the leasing contract, make sure to check for the breakdown of the Singapore condo price rent cost. This is so you can see clearly what the landlord is charging you for. You may find some items on the rental costs that you will not need. Thus, this can give you an opportunity to lower the costs of the Singapore condo price rent.

#3 – Leasing contract conditions

Aside from the breakdown of rent cost, it is also important that you take note of what is stated in the leasing contract. You should make sure that it is clearly stated what you will be renting in the condo for rent Singapore unit. Will you be renting the whole unit or just one room? You should also make sure that the lease term is in par with what you have agreed on. The contract should also indicate whether you can renew the lease before it expires.

Other things you should take note of is whether they are accepting pets. You should ensure as well if they allow cooking inside the condo for rent Singapore property. Aside from the conditions of the landlord, you should also consider the needs of your fellow tenants. This is most likely the situation if you will be renting a single room. Thus, learn the living habits of the other tenants to make sure all of you will be comfortable living in the same unit.

More condo for rent Singapore tips?

Choosing a condominium to rent should not be taken lightly. That is why it is essential that you take your time and analyze your options well. You need to make sure that the condominium’s location is convenient for you. You should also make sure that you afford the Singapore condo price and other expenses. In addition, you must ensure that the leasing contract conditions are fair to you. If you need more tips regarding renting a property in Singapore, head to SRX Property

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