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Door Closer
By EVAN JAVIER 6,172 views

Repair Your Faulty Hydraulic Door Closer and Avoid Accidents

Well, no door pens or closer if some mechanical force is applied or some apparatus is fitted that acts on spring actions, electrical motor rotation or the pressure of hydraulic fluids. The door that closes hydraulically uses a hydraulic door closer.

Hydraulic door closers are small devices, one part of which is attached to the door and the other portion is attached with the frame, and both are connected and works on principles of fluid pressure commonly oils. When someone opens the door by push or pressure, it automatically closes at a certain speed so that the privacy of the rooms is maintained or the door is automatically latched. They often cause a problem, and hydraulic door repair is needed in this regard. You can find such doors in offices and they are having automatic closing features. So to get more convenience and due to easy operation, people can easily install such doors.

How to Proceed with Hydraulic Door Repair?

If you sense any problem in your door that which is closed hydraulically, you need to repair it immediately otherwise it may get jammed with the frame, the locks in the door may break and you cannot even operate these doors anymore.


You can do the hydraulic door repair on your own knowing some basic techniques.

  • You need to have Pliers, Screwdrivers, Adjustable wrenches, and grease guns, rust remover paper, and axle grease. But with these DIY tools, you cannot fix the problems of the doors. In this regard, you can call the hydraulic door repair professionals and these trained technicians can easily repair your doors within few hours.
  • First of all check the hydraulic arm of the door closer. It is the actual controlling arm that enables the door to close hydraulically. It can bend due to prolong use or rust can gather due to moisture in the air. The arms should move freely otherwise you can use some lubricants at the joints that move for a free movement.
  • Check the Air pressure release valve and adjust the tiny screw that you can find at the back of the hydraulic door closer. Adjust the incoming and outgoing air flow by adjusting the tiny screw. If the door closer is too tight it will indicate that the air is not releasing as per requirement, and if it is too lose it indicates the air is not able to put pressure.
  • You should check the arms and see if there are any snags or hitches during hydraulic door repair. Be sure that nothing is blocking the arms to move freely. Any obstruction of the arm may fail the hydraulic door closer and you need to repair these doors by trained professionals.
  • If there is any oil leakage, unscrew the hydraulic door closer and put it on your work table. It is likely that the oil seals have worn out. Remove the screws on the body to remove the case and look inside. Slowly drain out the existing oil in a can. Replace the oil seals with new ones and again screw the covers.
  • Your hydraulic door repair is almost complete. Install the hydraulic door closer with the arm on the frame and the device on the door. Turn the adjustment screw to get the desired pressure so that the door closes smoothly without giving any problem.

Thus, taking few measures and going through repair procedures you can quickly try your hydraulic door repair on your own and save money. Usually, you all keep the tools at home that are mentioned here for any small home repairs. So with your devices, you can quickly repair them. Save money by fixing the hydraulic door yourself.

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