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Resume Mistake
By LINH PHAM 486 views

Resume Mistakes that are Keeping you Unemployed

It can be said that your resume is the key to help you achieve your dream job. If you have applied to many different positions but still haven’t been accepted, please check whether you make these following resume mistakes. It is not so easy to find a good job because you have to compete with many other candidates; therefore, it is compulsory to have a perfect resume and avoid these following problems if you do not want to miss out on your opportunities time after time.

  1. Unopened file

It doesn’t matter what is in your resume or how outstanding your accomplishments are; you can still miss a chance if the employer cannot open the file you send over. To void this issue, you should save your resume in a format that all devices can open and make sure that the structure does not change when being viewed on another device. PDF seems to be the best choice as it is compatible with every device currently. In case you send your Resume through Google Drive, make sure you give the employer the right to view what is in the document.

  1. Unprofessional email address

This is only a small detail but always a concern of the employer. If your email was created since you were in high school and it cannot be more childish, you should create another as soon as possible. You can use a childish email to chat with your friends, but you should never use it to send a recruiting email.

  1. Difficult-to-read information

Almost employers will look through your resume before deciding to read it in detail; therefore, you need to pay attention to your resume’s layout.

  • Avoid calligraphic fonts in your resume.
  • Neatly align each paragraph.
  • Highlight the main ideas by making them bold or italic.
  • Use bullet points to present sub-ideas systematically.
  1. Too–detailed information 

Some candidates tend to list all of their skills to prove that they are suitable for the job position. However, this is not a good thing at all. You should only mention the skill which you are professional. It is because the employer may ask you questions related to what you do not know clearly; and if you cannot answer the question, it will be a minus for you. For instance, if are good at English, don’t mention French in your resume although you have studied it for months.

Or, if you list the skill which is completely unrelated to the position you are applying, the employer will suppose that you understand nothing about the job and reject your paper immediately.

  1. The phrase “knowing how to use Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint”

Almost employers will not be impressed by this claim because it is one of the basic skills every graduate has to major. If you can type an essay in word, perform some basic commands in excel, and complete a simple presentation with PowerPoint, don’t mention this skill in your resume. However, if you are skilled at manipulating complex commands in Excel, you should add this to emboss the headhunter.

  1. Pronouns

You should not use pronouns such as “I, me, and mine” in your resume because they make your paper unnecessarily lengthy. Instead, you should write sentences without subjects and use bullet points to make your resume easy to read.

  1. Incorrect spelling and grammar

You can be rejected from the first round if your resume contains spelling and grammar mistakes. Spelling and grammar are the standards employers use to evaluate your carefulness and meticulousness. Therefore, it is important to double-check this issue before sending your resume. Also, remember to use past simple tense to describe your previous jobs.

  1. Too–long resume

Usually, employers spend only 6 seconds looking over a resume before deciding to read it thoroughly or reject it. Therefore, the longer your resume, the less chance the employer reads it. No one can make sure an employer will continue to read a lengthy resume with too many words.

To avoid this blunder, you should eliminate unnecessary words and try using bullet points to make your resume clear and logic. You should list your achievements in the last 5 years and neglect the non-prominent ones. Most importantly, your resume should not be longer than 2 pages.

Above is the list of 8 easy-to-make mistakes in a resume. If you have corrected all of them, don’t forget to name your file professionally to capture the attention of the employer. If you know any other issues that need to be adjusted, you can share with us by commenting on the box below. Hope you find your dream job shortly!

Linh Pham

I am Linh Pham – a blogger with many years of experience in searching for useful information related to self-development, work motivation, job-searching tips and advices, productivity improvement, life issues, and so on.

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