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You don’t have to wait for the 31. December to think of the ways to revamp your lifestyle. You can take the head start right now and plan the essential lifestyle adjustments. 2020 has been full of challenges, many things are changing, so we can also change along the way.

Develop a healthy relationship with social media

By now you’ve probably seen the movie The Social Dilemma. You were probably shocked by the facts, maybe even stopped using your phone as much for a few days. But most likely you didn’t take any steps to deal with your social media addiction. Instead, you should work on developing a healthy relationship with social media. Just like any other healthy relationship, this one also needs some boundaries. You dictate the terms of this relationship. In 2021, the first lifestyle adjustment can be the time spent daily on social media. Limit daily use to an hour and use screen management options on your phone.

Level-up your exercise regime

Exercising regularly is probably one of the most common resolutions for the New Year. Most people definitely struggle with it because only 5% of people have some form of physical activity every day. If you are among 5% of people, we are proud of you. However, if you belong to the other portion that counts 95%, you should rethink your habits. 

Physical exercise increases your health, improves your mood, makes you stronger, happier, and more confident. It can be a social activity or a solo one, whatever you prefer. If you struggle with maintaining your exercise regime, try planning your weekly workout regime and schedule them like any other date. Whenever you skip the gym, exercise at home, or take a walk around the block while listening to a podcast.

Treat your body like a temple

Exercise is just one of many ways to treat your body like a temple. You should also sleep right and develop a healthy sleep routine that gives you the energy to conquer every day. You should also eat right by cooking more and meal prep in advance so you’ll limit takeout or junk food. When it comes to eating right, strike the right balance between what is good for you and what your soul craves. There’s definitely room for both. Lastly, listen to your body when it’s sending warning signs. 

Decide to take action instead of ignoring any health issues you might experience. For example, all of us experience backache because we sit a lot. Sometimes a light stretching session will solve this problem. Otherwise, if the pain is persistent, visit a physiotherapy clinic and receive proper treatment. We only have this body, so we should treat it as a temple. 

Read daily

Social distancing measures reminded many people that reading is equally fun as any other activity you can take part in. The best thing about reading is that you can be safe while you do it and you can do it at home. Or while you commute, wait in line, or simply need some time off. Reading improves your memory, sharpens your cognitive skills, enriches your vocabulary, you’ll learn new things. People who read every day consider reading as one of the soothing self-care activities that help them unwind after a long day. Time spent reading is never time wasted so work on reading more in 2021.

Find the courage to lead the life you want to lead

If you wanted to change an area in your life but didn’t know how to work on finding the courage to change and improve. In order to finally nudge yourself in the right direction, you need to work on your courage. Silence your inner critique and make a plan. The best way to work on gaining courage is to try new things and do that often. Make a list of realistic things you’d like to achieve in 2021. Then, try to break down one major goal into several smaller ones. Give yourself one goal per month and focus on achieving these small steps that will help you reach your goals.

These small improvements aren’t groundbreaking, but they are attainable. When you limit social media, you will free up your time. You’ll finally make time for regular exercise, meal prep, healthy habits, reading every day, and working on your goals. When you implement these changes, you’ll revamp your lifestyle with ease. Let’s make 2021 wonderful again.

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