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I would like to take this opportunity to say, Thank you to each one of you at Royal Migration Dubai. This has been one of the most magnificent accomplishments of my life, and nothing would have been possible without the assistance of Royal Migration Solutions. Also, I would like to especially thank everyone who supported me throughout the first stage of documentation procedure by helping me to get all my papers right in an accurate time frame. They guided me about each and every requirement and how to go about it.


Before Royal Migration Dubai, I chose one of the standard Immigration companies in order to apply for a visa. But I got stuck with the fake promises of the company. That was one of my worst experiences. So beware of these fraud companies because they will cheat you and later tell you that you are not eligible, and you will never get back the money you had previously invested. So when I was reviewing some Immigration companies on the internet I read about the royal migration. And I found great reviews about them so I chose to pick this company for the migration services.

When I called Royal’s all my calls were answered very kindly and all the information was given to me immediately. I would like to thank you so much for listening to me and my worries and guiding me through them. If I didn’t have such wonderful guidance and support from the team of Royal Migration Dubai this would have never been possible. Their team is experienced and professional. They have deep knowledge of all the phases of the process. Being a single parent this process really meant a lot to me.


Thank you and it is worth mentioning the efforts put in by Royal migration solutions have made it all happen. They were able to guide me effectively with the utmost patience. I will definitely recommend the Royals to my peers. The support provided by them has been wonderful.

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