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Making well-written and perfectly organized revision notes is no rocket science. They are quite easy to make if you are equipped with the right tips and tricks of note-making. Good notes help you recall everything you have studied quite effortlessly and come as a godsend during the revision period before exams. Another great thing about notes is that they aren’t too detailed, unlike the textbooks, and make learning and retaining quite effortless.

As such. The habit of making notes should start as early as in class 8th. As such, here are some tips and tricks for making informative yet concise revision notes for class 8th, that will help you sail through this taxing standard with a breeze!

Here’s how you can make quality notes in class 8th: 

  1. Short, Organized & Structured (SOS)

Preparing notes isn’t really a backbreaking task. Just careful extraction of useful information from the text is what makes the difference. Try keeping your notes short and rich with important keywords that constitute the chapters. Pick out the words that convey the meaning in totality. After selecting the useful information, move on to structure your notes. Giving a proper structure to your notes will make them more organized and easy to remember. 

  1. Comprehend before Collecting

Understanding the syllabus before making notes is a must. One can make good revision notes only when he/she has a good grasp of the topics in their syllabus. It goes without saying that well-organized notes sprout from a mind which is packed with information and knowledge to the brim.

To achieve this, do not limit yourself to one source only. Think of it as an ocean of knowledge, where nothing is enough. Go through a few reference books, supplementary material, Class 8 CBSE Sample Papers, video lessons, etc., on the topic. Once you have collected all the information, you will be well-equipped to prepare notes.

  1. Add Some Colour 

Colours make everything attractive. And so, they will also breathe life into your notes. Enhancing your notes with coloured pens will keep you engaged for longer, and would also make you want to come back to revise your notes. Also, you can use similar colours for highlighting similar things. This will, For example, use red colour for definitions, yellow for new words, green for formulas, and so on will make your notes more streamlined and easy to comprehend during revision. 

  1. Use Pencil instead of Pen  

This tip is for all the students who usually make too many errors. Whether you are making notes in your textbooks, or a separate notebook, try using a pencil instead of a pen. This will make it easier for you to rectify mistakes, and make changes later. As it happens, every time we re-read something, our brain generates new ideas or modifies the old ones. Every time it gives new perspectives so it would be easy to modify your notes whenever required. In addition to this, it will keep your books/notebooks neat.

  1. Find Comfort in Templates

One of the things that most students struggle with while making notes is choosing the right template. Having a proper template or format helps you structure whatever you’re writing, and prevents confusion. The first way to do this is by coming up with a format of your own. Or, you will also be able to find printable templates on your PC that you can take printouts of. Now, you can make your notes hassle-free with a structure that will accommodate all the information you want to note. 

  1. Keep Your Supplies Ready

Who doesn’t love keeping a stock of their favourite stationery? Before preparing your notes, collect all the supplies required. This can include notebooks, a ruler, coloured fine liners, markers etc. These will help you in preparing well-crafted, clear, and creative revision notes that will make studying much more interesting for you! 

  1. Create Your Style 

There need not be a perfect style of preparing notes while studying. Most students use the linear format of bullets or numbering or making short pointers with keywords but limiting yourself to these only is not a compulsion. Try your hand in adding pictures, diagrams, flow charts and even caricatures to your revision notes. Not only will it make your topics organised but will also affix them in your memory.

  1. Try Out Mnemonics

Let’s make preparing notes a bit more interesting! Most students have a tough time remembering all the information. After all, the class 8 syllabus is quite huge, and there’s just so much to keep retained. As such, an excellent trick to memorise information is Mnemonics. This is a mind trick that offers a fantastic shortcut to learning information that you may otherwise find difficult to retain. They help us in remembering things by associating them with something for easy recall. For eg., acronyms like VIBGYOR for remembering the colours in a rainbow, or fun statements like MY VERY ELEGANT MOTHER JUST SERVED US NINE PIZZAS for memorising names of the Planets. The best part? You can be a little creative and come up with your own!

  1. Go Digital! 

Are you a paper-pen person or absolutely tech-savvy? Either way is good for making good revision notes. Transitioning from a traditional method to a new one for making notes is something we are widely seeing around us in present times. Students prefer writing the pointers on their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, instead of separate notebooks. It is in fact good, because going digital opens the doorway for a wide array of choices in terms of templates, formats, and more. Going digital also helps you in taking notes at a much faster pace in comparison to the traditional way. Not to mention, with highlighters, a bazillion colour choices, layouts and more, digital notepads give you much more scope to be creative with your notes.

If you thought clearing class 8th was a tough job, you were wrong! You just need to be equipped with the right revision notes, and you are good to go!

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