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computer table
By JOE MAILLET 871 views

Tips to Choose the Right Computer table for your Office

Somehow, your ease or comfort is directly proportional to how comfortable your operational office desk is in your workspace. When blessed with the optimum office desk, you will notice that your work tends to go much more smoothly, and when you have had to work from the desk that wasn’t the right fit, you will notice that you felt everything was insufferable.

Hence, if the time to get yourself a new computer table for your office has arrived, then here are a few things that you should consider, before going ahead and finalizing upon one for your workspace:

  • Identification of Purpose: To decide upon what kind of computer table you are looking for in your office, you need to first identify what is the purpose that it will be solving. Is it going to be seated in your office as an executive office desk, or are you going to be using it in the boardroom? The actual considerations range from the purpose, and other functionalities such as, if it can accommodate all your documentation and paperwork, as well as your system. For example for someone who wants to use their computer desk for operational purposes as well as for meetings, you could look at buying an L-shaped desk, that can function as both. You could even look at taking a desk that is U-shaped that will allow you even more space, and double up as a round meeting table and chairs.
  • Taking Into Consideration Your Workspace Habits: Your workspace habits also matter a lot, when it comes to choosing the kind of computer table you are going to use in your office. There are people who thrive on the messiness and there is a system to the madness, and then there are some who prefer the neat and organised approach. For the creative geniuses, a larger operational office desk would make sense, while the disciplined would probably find it alright to work on a smaller desk. Apart from this, make sure that all the accessories and tools that you might need are within your reach and factor it in your final decision.
  • Ergonomic Considerations: When thinking about ergonomics, there are certain things that you will have to consider:
    • The first thing that you will need to pay attention to, is that your work table, (it could be an executive office desk) needs to have enough leg space for you to sit comfortably. Generally, a clearance height of roughly 30 inches is enough for most people.
    • Generally, the ideal distance between your chair and your desk should be roughly 3 1/2 feet and minimum of 3 feet. The same is considered for the clients who may be sitting in front of you, so even if you’re looking at a meeting room table the same sort of distancing needs to be maintained.
    • Thirdly, since this is going to be an official workstation be at a computer or laptop, your system should be at a comfortable height, which is neither too high not low since it might end up causing you muscle strain. A lot of computer desks today have the option of a pull-out keyboard platform or adjustable height. Another consideration that you might want to look into is to ensure that the keyboard platform is spacious enough to house a mouse.
  • The Surface of the Table: Both in terms of longevity and appearance, the material of the computer tables surface, makes a difference. The most popular choice today is laminate, since it is cost-effective and also comes in a variety of patterns and colours, apart from this, laminate is most suited for daily wear and overuse.  Other options include metal worktops or wood/veneer ones. When it comes to metal computer tables, they might not be the most aesthetically pleasant choice, however, they definitely are the most durable ones. On the other hand, wood tables are definitely the most elegant option available in the market today, in terms of the package aesthetics. Owing to the fact that they are the best looking option in the market, they are also the most expensive one. Hence, if you are on a budget then a wooden table would be an investment that you would have to seriously consider.
  • Durability: When you want to invest in a computer table or a meeting room table, durability and quality are two criteria that you must always consider before sealing the deal. One of the best ways to judge the quality of your table is by checking out the storage space, to this end, checking out the drawers or cabinet space in the table is one of the best ways to assess the quality. Make sure that you carefully inspect the edges of the table and look for any sort of fraying which can be avoided. Apart from this one of the easiest methods of judging the quality and durability of your computer table is on the basis of the warranty that is being provided by the manufacturer – a good quality table will generally come with a higher manufacturing warranty or life expectancy.

Gone are the days when a simple table would suffice as a round board room table or a computer desk with drawers – now you have so many options inundating the market that you are really spoilt for choice. Superstores that generally cater to office supply have a wide variety of options that you can choose from, that too at affordable price points. Hence, keeping in mind all the criteria that we have listed above, make your selection on the basis of them and you will be able to create for yourself a comfortable workspace that fosters productivity.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.