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Foamex Hoarding
By JOE MAILLET 1,941 views

Guide: Choosing the right Foamex Board for more Sales

Has the lockdown affected your business’s growth? Are you worried about how to get ahead of the sales targets? Worry not, as now you can use foamex boards to accelerate the growth of your business. Here’s how.

One of the crucial ways to boost your business is advertising. Signage is designed to help customers take notice of your brand and offerings. In today’s world, it is not enough to advertise; you must also portray your venture through those advertisements. Only by connecting with your target audience at a grassroots level can you create a long-lasting impression on your customer. Printed Foamex, with its plethora of modern foamex board ideas, helps you achieve just that.

Signages have long been the trusted tools for advertisement campaigns. From ancient Greeks and Romans to medieval England signages have been the way to display information to the masses. From as early as the 14th century, the law of England made it mandatory for innkeepers & landlords to display appropriate signage denoting the nature and identification of their business.

Nowadays, advertisement has evolved to eye-catching displays & more impression directly relates to increased brand awareness. LED lighting is now being increasingly used in hoardings to glow the advertising graphics in public areas like marketplaces, railway stations, bus stands & airports. As your business occupies the top of your target audience’s mind, your sales are bound to shoot up.

Foamex boards are made up of multiple layers of PVC foam sheets, compressed into one foamex board. This makes foamex boards light yet sturdy. Being made from PVC, it is immune to a wide range of temperatures (-10 & + 55 °C), moisture & a multitude of other corrosive agents which makes the boards last for a very long time. These mechanical and chemical properties of foamex boards have helped it retain the position of Number One choice of material from the advertisers.

Designing effective advertisements is only part one of the tasks. You also need to make sure of how these advertisements are going to be displayed to the public. These decisions include the choice of the location, printing material which is where Foamex boards become a vital component. Choice of printing material is critical as the final look of your advertisement determines the customer’s impression.

Not all materials are able to retain and display color as naturally as foamex, making it an advertiser’s material of choice. Here is how foamex will help drive your business ahead of the curve.

1. Differentiating Factor

One of the proven methods to set a differentiating factor in your business is by displaying a catchy advertisement right in front of your place of business. It goes without saying that using the right substrate will allow you to create abstract premium quality graphic designs which can give you a competitive advantage by setting your store apart from the rest.

For example, a uniquely printed Foamex signs board – a versatile material that will grab enough customer’s attention to guide him or her into your establishment.

2. Value for Money

Effective use of marketing budget starts with the right choice of advertisement. Using costly banners does not ensure your sales growth, but using the tool just right for your target audience will. Both quality and quantity play a significant role in generating just enough customer attention. Foamex boards are very cost-efficient, which will allow you to print a sufficiently high amount to force your customer’s attention to your business. Check out these awesome Foamex Board ideas from Foamex board printing.

3. Long-lasting

As Foamex boards are made out of PVC, they have a really long life. These boards are resistant to moisture and corrosive chemicals which means you can use them all around the year with minimum maintenance required. Customer exposure & impression is guaranteed 24 x 7 x 365. All you need to do is to select the right creative that drives your narrative forward – then sit back and allow Foamex to do its work.

4. Portability

Being portable means, you will be able to move around the signages to the locations you deem essential. It is really not necessary that your foamex boards must have to stay permanently fixed to one location all throughout the campaign. Also, you may need to target a different location for advertising & it is not necessary to spend huge amounts on advertising expenses every single time.

Using lightweight advertising material ensures that you are easily able to remove these from one location and put them up in another. As these are sturdy, you need not worry about transportation or handling risks; it can withstand them easily.

5. Reusability

You can reuse your foamex board. This includes the removal of earlier applied images and reapplying a newly designed graphic that goes with your current campaign. Using reusable material also helps you fulfil your business’s environmental goals, ensuring that you are a responsible citizen doing their part to promoting sustainable business growth without increasing their carbon footprint in this world.

Now that you know the secrets of Foamex, foamex board printing can help your business with the best quality foamex boards. Here is a list of their offerings.

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