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By ZACK 1,066 views

Finding the Right Office Space for Your Startup

Are you looking to expand or establish your startup in a new office? If so, choosing that office may not be as straightforward as you might have, at first, expected. There are lots of factors, decisions, and expenses which come with renting commercial office space. Making it a much more complicated process than it really has any right to be. 

As such, here are some of the things you will need to do in order to plan a successful office move and ensure the right space for your startup. 

Create a Checklist

When it comes to anything complicated in life we’re prone to forget something, it’s almost bound to happen. This is why it’s so important to prepare for this and ensure it doesn’t happen. Otherwise, you may find you’ve left something vital out of your new office space. Which could then end up costing you more time and money to fix. 

A good checklist might read something like this: 

  • Enough space to hold current staff and support growth.
  • Acquire a floor plan of new space to plan the layout of the office. 
  • Inventory of existing furniture, computers, etc. 
  • Inventory of needed furniture, computers, etc. 
  • Make sure communication is high and everyone knows their role. 

Etc., etc., with details more specific to your own moving requirements. A checklist can, unsurprisingly, keep everything in check and hopefully help everything run smoothly. Without one, you may find yourself missing out obvious steps unnecessarily. 

The checklist can also work to give you a run-down of what your new office needs, so you don’t overlook anything during the search. 

Consider Location and Amenities 

Location, location, location. It’s the most commonly thrown around phrase when it comes to finding the right space; whether residential or commercial. And it is a factor which actually holds a lot of weight. People need to know that you have a space which is easy to get, has good transport links and amenities nearby for convenience. This can be true of both employees and clients, though likely it will effect your employees more directly. 

Having good options in these regards makes your startup much more attractive to work for, it’s a simple fact. And, as a result, you can work to attract much more worthwhile employees as they have more reason to work for your business. 

Don’t Disregard Co-working

Co-working spaces-such as WeWork, for example-are becoming more and more popular. Especially in the startup space, where good offices at a very low price are key to the early success of a business. For that reason, if you are thinking about starting or establishing a startup in a new office, co-working isn’t something you should instantly disregard. 

It’s cost-effective, comes with great networking opportunities and can be the first step along your business expansion path. 

Get Expert Advice

If a traditional office is still the option you wish to pursue, then you might want to consider getting expert advice in order to have the best success in this area. If you don’t know the commercial space well, then having a commercial property manager to guide you through the process can actually be highly valuable. It can help you to avoid any minor issues or faux pas (such as accidentally basing yourself in a terrible area). 

Costs like business rates can also be quite a headache for startups, so having expert advice on hand in order to cut costs as much as possible is ideal. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right space for your new startup isn’t always easy, there are factors which could make the whole process more difficult than necessary. Your own requirements, unexpected costs and the like. However, once you’re on the right path you may find having your own startup space liberating. It gives you the ability to expand and develop your business like never before. 

So, start the search for your startup office today and discover how far the future of your business extends!


Zack Halliwell is a dedicated freelance marketer, working primarily in the property sector for cosmetic surgery Manchester. When not working he can be found on a brisk mountain walk with his dog, Batman.