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How to Choose the Right Physio Supplies and Equipments?
By JACK LOUIS 1,414 views

How to Choose the Right Physio Supplies and Equipments?

A physiotherapist’s job earns many blessings by giving relief to the patients who are suffering from severe pain on their specific body parts. The patients who tide over their pain and feel ready to return to their daily routine feel deeply thankful to the physiotherapist. While it is comparatively easy to garner goodwill, it is costly to set up the clinic.

Professional training and education guide a physiotherapist to know about the physio supplies and physiotherapy equipment that they need for setting up a clinic and run it well.

Categories for Setting up a Physiotherapy Clinic

To begin with list your needs in the following categories:

Waiting Room

The first impression of your clinic comes from the waiting area and your office. Comfortable chairs and footstools are an integral part of physio supplies and physiotherapy equipment. Some magazines will add to the general comfort of your patients. Add a reception desk, chair, and computer to that list.

Another must be a water cooler and paper cups. If you are likely to get young patients, some toys and other distractors will give your waiting room the edge.


You will need an office table and chair along with office supplies. An office table will come in useful with basic writing material and charts and models which help to explain the source of pain to your patients.


If you intend to have the whole range of the physio supplies and physiotherapy equipment, you will have a fairly big clinic to accommodate all the machines. That will be left to your professional discretion. The general supplies you will need are towels pillows and table sheets. Hygiene will be a major component of your clinic’s success. An adequate supply of towels and tissues will be required. The same applies to the table sheets which require to be changed with every use. Using cloth towels and sheets is expensive. Surf the net to find the best rates and most efficient suppliers of paper towels and sheets. Another good way of finding competitively priced suppliers is to ask around among your colleagues who have been practicing for a while. Your training ground will also have a list of suppliers and maybe more willing to share it.

Physio Supplies

Ultrasound gel, scissors, tape, and gloves are essentials in a physiotherapy clinic. You will need to find reliable suppliers for these things even before the opening day of your clinic

General Requirements

A well-run clinic will need cleaning products.

A tea/coffee dispenser and other kitchen supplies will be essential for your comfort and the comfort of your staff.

Buying your Machines

Every penny saved initially goes a long way in the early repayment of loans. It saves you a lot of money if you buy second hand or used equipment in the beginning. Such equipment will be on sale at the professional website. It is cheaper to get your equipment refurbished than to buy brand new pieces.

Another way of saving on physio supplies and physiotherapy equipment is to go for non-branded and local items. Branded equipment is expensive. But in this aspect, one needs to be careful while buying local products to avoid low quality and unreliable equipment. If you have to pay compensation to a patient for any harm caused by the defective application of machines, then all that has been saved gets wiped out in a jiffy.

In a practice that caters to different disciplines, such equipment that has multiple uses is a good buy. Tables that are adjustable and can be used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, will be a good buy. This equipment could be hired initially.

So, you are now all set to start off. Make sure that you invest in quality physio supplies and physiotherapy equipment’s to make your clinic perfect and comfortable for the patients.

Jack Louis

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