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A child’s growth in personality, character as well as the physical attributes, start from the early years of his childhood. Hence these initial years are extremely important and play quite a significant role in his life. It is during this time that a child first understands what love and security mean. It is also the time when he learns to be sociable both at home and with outsiders.

A child in his initial years of development is like a mirror. It intuitively reflects what he sees. Thus actions, words, thought processes behavioral attributes, etc., are all copied from parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members and people that he stays with. It is necessary to provide the child with a stable and happy home so that he imbibes good qualities from his childhood.

The child’s first brush with active social life comes when he steps out of his home to join a playgroup franchise. In fact, every child is unique and hence needs and wants to differ from child to child. Thus, when selecting a playschool it is very important to keep the same in mind and also ensure that the playschool is conducive to the child’s mentality.

In order to ascertain this, parents need to:

  • Absorb the Ambiance: The prevalent atmosphere of the play school franchise they are considering for their child needs to be understood before finalizing on a playschool. This can be done by initiating frequent visits to the same with the child and seeing his reactions to the various activities taking place there as well as the various types of equipment present there.
  • Research about the school: Today everyone opts to send their children to playschool and hence friends and relatives are a great source of information in this regard. Personal experience, word of mouth, etc., need to be taken into account seriously and thorough research conducted on the internet to ensure that the playschool being considered is actually the best play school in Punjabi Bagh.
  • Experience: The number of years the playschool has been in operation is another criterion that needs to be mandatorily considered. It is a known fact that time teaches using practical experiences as examples. Thus the older the playschool is, the better will be its understanding of kid’s temperaments and better will be the patience with which they deal with the kids studying there.
  • Staff Behavior:  The behavior of both the teaching and non-teaching staff is a significant thing to consider. If they are happy, smiling, warm and welcoming, the child adapts better to the playschool and also experiences lesser hassles in settling down. Leaving the security of their homes is a traumatic experience for the kid but if the playschool ambiance is one which the child can trust, he does not suffer psychologically or emotionally while making the transition.

Thus it is not enough to seek a playschool. Today parents need to look out for the best play school in Punjabi Bagh so that they are able to justify their selection on all the above criteria.

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