Solar Inverter Battery

A battery is the supporting pillar of an inverter system. The performance and lifespan of an inverter largely depends upon the quality of the battery. The query is, “which is the best solar battery for your inverter?”

One of the recent technological developments that is making waves in the sustainable energy sector is solar energy systems.

Hence, it would be best if you considered solar inverter battery instead of a standard inverter.

It is a device that helps in storing energy that is produced from the solar power panels. A solar inverter battery is equipped to get along with the solar controller for backing up power.  The solar power systems run the power load that is required during the day, and with the help of a hybrid or grid-free system, the power is transferred to the solar inverter batteries. In this way, the solar inverter batteries offer power to the inverter that further converts the direct current of energy into the alternating current.

There are two types of solar inverter batteries, Tall Tubular and Lithium-ion batteries:

1. Tall Tubular Battery

The upgraded type of battery used in an average household is known as the lead-acid tall tubular battery. This solar inverter battery is constructed according to the requirements. It is a type of solar inverter battery that is most widely used in both on and off-grid solar power systems, home electrical lightings, and so forth. One key point that one should note is that if you are using this type of solar battery, then you must charge it on low ampere. Hence, it is the reason why some tall tubular batteries are intended to be slowly charged. Tall Tubular batteries are the most successful and the oldest battery technology. When looking for a tall tubular solar inverter battery for your household, then one should go for a 12 volt or 150 Ah battery. 

2. Lithium-ion Battery

Lithium-ion solar inverter batteries come in different forms.  Lithium iron phosphate is the finest kind of lithium-ion battery for your solar power use.  These batteries are entirely safe, non-burnable, reliable and maintenance-free for approximately more than 15 to 20 years. It has low-resistance and electrical efficiency. The key benefit of this solar inverter battery is that it has excellent thermal stability and increased safety.

A solar inverter battery for a home with solar panel is gradually fixated on lithium-based batteries, which have seen a continuous reduction of cost. The critical advantage of lithium-ion solar inverter batteries is their exceptionally high life span (the life span is calculated by cycles here) and its high charging capacities, which help you save more energy for your solar inverter.

It is because of these factors that Li-ion inverter batteries are the right selection for a small or large solar system. The price of this type of battery is comparatively high. However, when considering buying the best solar inverter battery, you should invest in the best one.

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