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By HAFSA HAIDER 359 views

What is the Right Way to Clean a Hoverboard?

Do you have a hoverboard? If you do, when was the last time you cleaned it inside out? It looks like never! Like your cars need to be cleaned and washed regularly, segways need to be cleaned once in two weeks to maintain their health and performance.

Right Way to Clean an Electric Scooter

So, what is the reason that riders fail to do so? Most people need to learn the right way to clean an electric scooter. If your self-balancing Hoverboard is covered in mud and dirt, here is how you can clean it properly:

  1. Turn off the Board

Before cleaning it, switch off the e-scooter to avoid harming yourself and the Segway.

  1. Clean off the Dirt

Next, take a fresh piece of cloth and clean off the dirt. If necessary, brush gently and scrub the solidified mud from narrow gaps.

  1. Use a Mild Liquid and Some Water

Washing a Segway doesn’t mean spilling buckets full of water on it. Rather, take a bucket of warm water, add a few drops of mild liquid, dip the cloth in it, wring it, and then clean the hoverboard with it.

  1. Do not Scrub

If you see tough stains on the electric scooter that isn’t coming out with a cloth, you can use a toothbrush to scrub them out gently. Do not use force, or you’ll end up scratching the board.

  1. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals on the Board

Do not, and we say that loudly, never use harsh chemicals or detergents to clean your Segway, or else it can cause serious damage to it.

  1. Wipe off with a Dry Cloth

Once you remove the stains and dirt, take a new cloth to dry it off.

When you know the right way to clean the e-scooter, it becomes easier to maintain it!

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Hoverboards?

Now that you know how to clean a Segway, you must think, why is it so important? The sensors and motor of an electric scooter are highly vulnerable to dirt, and if it accumulates on the board or reaches the inside, your e-scooter will instantly die.

So, rather than waiting for the self-balancing scooter to reach irreparable damage, ensure to clean it regularly. Plus, when you’ll remove the multiple layers of dirt and mud from the wheels, you’ll find the lost balance to enjoy a speedy ride on rough terrains.

Devices like self-balancing are vulnerable, so it is important to take good care of them, or else they can get damaged easily. When you buy Hoverboards from reliable resources like Segbo, our representatives guide you on using and cleaning the boar after the purchase, so you do not have any problems later.

The problem is when you purchase a larger hoverboard with enormous tires for more minor children, that makes it more difficult for them to drive and end up hurting themselves. Make sure you pick an appropriate scooter that your children can ride comfortably.


As parents, the security of your children must be your top priority. This is the right thing to do! Although hoverboards are safe for you if you’re seeking a guarantee, you can find a reputable retailer that sells hoverboards with safety certificates.


The hoverboards for kids typically have a speed limit but not the adult version, which can be as high as 12 miles per hour. You’ll want to keep your children from running around frantically on busy roads. This is why you should choose a self-balancing bike with a low-speed limit for extra security.


Before purchasing a hoverboard for your children:

  1. Decide on the budget.
  2. Consider how much you’ll spend on something as great as a self-balancing scooter your children could soon become bored of.
  3. Once you’ve set your budget, head out and look for the top child’s scooters available.

Easy to Ride

Self-balancing scooters aren’t easy to control. Therefore when your child is still a beginner, be sure to purchase the right hoverboard for his specific level. You would not want to put your kids in a challenging scenario as a parent, would you?

Choose an option that is easy and easy to comprehend and also ride. Instead of spending all day trying to understand how it works, your children will have fun with it.

Your Kids Deserve to Have Some Fun

Why should adults be the only ones to have everything they want? Do not hinder youngsters from exploring abilities to explore the world and stimulate their interest by exploring the world on their own. If adults can jump onto the bandwagon of owning the hoverboard, why wouldn’t kids?

Hoverboards are undoubtedly thrilling, and shortly they’ll replace traditional scooters. So if your children already know how to use it, they will increase their enjoyment.

Can Broke Hoverboards Be Repaired?

It depends on the magnitude of the damage. If it’s some minor plug-in problem, yes, you can easily get the self-balancing board repaired by an expert. But if things go wrong with the battery, motherboard, or sensors, damages like these may not be repairable.

So, ensure you keep electric scooters in good working condition. Clean them regularly to avoid dirt build-up, and get them serviced too. Yes, take them to a professional for regular follow-ups so that a problem can be solved on time.

Remember, your little effort can add more years to the fun life of a hoverboard, so you get to enjoy riding it for much longer!

Hafsa Haider