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When looking for a romantic getaway in the Sunshine State, many people get sidetracked by Florida’s theme parks that dominate the tourism scene. What people overlook are the Islands and resorts on the southeast coast of Florida. Especially when it comes to romantic getaways, these less advertised locations might be more suitable for couples who want to enjoy some privacy, quiet and quality time with their significant other.

Looking at the map of Florida’s southeast coast, destinations near Boca Raton stood out, and we compiled a list of potential romantic retreats for couples who want a dream vacation. It may be just a weekend escape, or maybe there is a specific reason for the holiday, whichever it is; these romantic getaways near Boca Raton will sweep you off your feet. Without making a big dent in your bank account, our picks for the most romantic getaway near Boca Raton will create the ideal background for your relationship milestone. With both pros and cons, living in Boca Raton inspires young couples to treasure moments and love life as they discover the beauty of their connection.

Sunset Key Cottages

Just off the edge of Key West island, you’ll be able to see Sunset Key, a 27-acre island located 500 yards away that houses the Sunset Key Cottages. With 40 cottages in total, Sunset Key provides you with privacy with its palm trees and an Old Florida ambiance given by the Victorian-style tin roofs, airy spaces, and grand porches for the best sunsets you could ever dream of. The beaches surround the small island, and you get to choose the cottage that you want, right where the Atlantic Oceans meets the Gulf of Mexico.

This magical spot will give you access to high-end amenities, a safe and quiet atmosphere that is reserved only for a select few. Many consider this destination ideal for Honeymoons or other romantic vacations that you can treat yourself to. The picket fences, the backyard beaches, the narrow brick roads lit by romantic lanterns all work together to relax the island’s guests. The sunsets, however, take the spotlight as you’ll probably never see sunsets as beautiful as those you’ll see here. Pop the question if you haven’t already or enjoy your luxurious honeymoon in this truly unforgettable location.

Little Palm Island

Find your personal paradise on Little Torch Key’s Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. Located around three and a half hours drive from Boca Raton, once you find this destination just off the Overseas Highway, you won’t want to leave it. Rent your own West Indies-inspired luxury Bungalow that mixes and mingles with the Caribbean flavor of life through thatcher roofs and vaulted ceilings that make you forget you’re even in the US. Take a bath out in the open because no one can see or disturb you, and the elegant designs are there to help you enjoy the breathtaking ocean views even more.

This entire island resort was designed with only one thing in mind. Romance. And we’re talking about the kind of romance that makes your knees go weak as you feel like you’re floating on a cloud of rose petals in the soft ocean breeze. The ambiance will keep your spirits trembling, and the butterflies in your stomach will overwhelm you with emotions of the beauty before your eyes but within you as well. At this spa resort, you’ll find yourself embarked on an experience that will heal your mind, body, and soul through exotic massages, treatments, and body rituals that will embrace your body completely only to uncover the true meaning of relaxation.

Hawks Cay Resort

Find what lures you! It is the first thing you’ll find on the Hawks Cay Resort’s website, aside from the resort’s stunning landscape. Finding what lures you can motivate you to pursue something that can be linked to our hunter ancestry and makes you think of our senses’ absolute enticement. That is what you can expect as you book your stay at Hawks Cay Resort. Approximately 3 hours away from Boca Raton, you’ll find the small 0.9 square miles island of Duck Key, right off the Overseas Highway as you get off Toms Harbor Cut Bridge.

This unique romantic getaway occupies the 60-acre resort with villas, suites, and guest rooms featuring elements from the West Indies. A laid-back tropical setting awaits all those who want to relax, sip on their cocktails and allow their worries to flow through their fingers like grains of sand. The 177 rooms available in the resort are surrounded by swaying palm trees, aquamarine waters, and playful dolphins that you can swim with among other natural adventures available on the resort. The sunsets, the dolphins, and the ocean views can be enjoyed from each villa’s backyard and the stone fire pit is an ideal place to snuggle after a day filled with activities. Sip mojitos while you enjoy the tranquility pool and then get a Mojito treatment as the resort has more than one use for the exotic drink. For special and unforgettable moments, get up early, go to your private lagoon and enjoy the breathtaking sunrise reflecting on the still ocean water.

Cheeca Lodge

If you’ve been wondering where is the golf, well … we kept this for last for all those golf lovers that met on the golf course, ignited their romance on well-manicured greens, and confessed their undying love next to the nine-hole with the blood pumping from both the game and the declaration. The Cheeca Lodge and Spa Resort located in Islamorada on the Upper Matecumbe Key was created especially for you as it combines the love of golf with the love you feel for each other. The 9-hole golf course and tennis courts occupy a large part of the 27-acre resort but leave more than enough space for the airy rooms and suites, the spa, and much more.

Depending on what you want to see when you wake up next to your significant other, you can choose from several views. From the golf and resort views, you can expect to wake up to lush tropical gardens swaying in the warm ocean breeze. The lagoon views will sweeten your eyesight with the view of cascading waterfalls as you face the Spa Island. The ocean views guarantee the closeness of the ocean with a picture-perfect oceanscape. Renting one of the casitas will include private beach access where you can bathe to your heart’s desire as no one will disturb you, and Butler services that will satisfy your every whim.


Now that you know the best romantic getaways near Boca Raton, Florida, start planning your next trip and your next reason for the journey. There is no need for a special excuse to splurge and enjoy a romantic resort but it might just happen to coincide with a special occasion that might bring a new stage in your relationship.  For the step that will come next, you can contact the local real estate agents in Boca Raton FL, and find your own oasis called home.

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