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By LIAM SMITH 630 views

7 Romantic Ideas for your Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are always fun. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for just a couple of years or over a decade or two. If you’re celebrating your first or third anniversary, you’re probably excited and don’t know how to celebrate such an important date. On the other hand, if you’ve been married longer, you may want to rekindle your love and passion for one another and do something special this year.

Recreate Your Wedding Night Menu

Cooking dinner together with your partner is always fun and romantic. It’s especially romantic if you cook it on your wedding anniversary and if you recreate the whole wedding night menu. You can use this as a great way to team up and choose the recipes. See what ingredients you need and shop for them. Finally, cook them together. This will be even more fun if the meal you’re cooking isn’t the one you would usually cook. You’ll spend time together and really celebrate. 

You can even try and recreate your wedding cake if you think that cooking dinner might get boring. Making the wedding cake is definitely a great way to step up the game and challenge yourselves. Cooking always serves as a great dating idea. Its main benefits are that it’s cheap and very fun. You don’t even have to recreate the wedding night menu to have fun. You can just choose a recipe you both like and prepare that instead. You could also just order food, but for a better ambiance, preparing the meal together is what makes it so special. 

Relive Your First Date

If you’re in a mood to spend your wedding anniversary in the most romantic way, you should definitely consider recreating your first date. This is probably as romantic as it can get. Think of all the activities you did when you had your first date and try to recreate them in chronological order. If you went out for dinner, make reservations in that same restaurant or order the same food in some other restaurant.

If you went to the cinema, get tickets for some movie. See a play if that’s what you did on the first date. Take a long walk, have ice cream, look at stars, kiss by a river. Whatever will bring back your nicest memories is perfect. It will serve you as a reminder of what was it exactly that has brought you to your spouse. This is also a budget-friendly way of celebrating your anniversary. You won’t spend a fortune on this celebration but you will evoke some precious memories and priceless emotions.

Do Something New

One of the greatest gifts you can give each other this year is not making your marriage a routine. If you do the same for every single anniversary, it will get boring after some time. you definitely don’t want to get bored in the relationship. Instead, you want to look forward to spending time together and being romantic and happy.

Consider trying something different this year. Trying something neither of you has done before is bound to bring you even closer. If you have the opportunity, you can plan a hot air balloon ride. You may spend a bit more money on something like this, but you’ll certainly get back home even more in love than before. Even if you just pack your bags and go someplace you’ve always wanted to visit, you’ll do a lot for your special celebration. This will be especially romantic if you have children and you want to spend some time alone. 

Have Your Own Personal Photo Shoot

Pictures are the best way for you to make sure you’ve seized a moment. Some memories you don’t ever want to forget. If you choose to do your personal photoshoot for your wedding anniversary, you’ll be creating memories and capturing them at the same time. Photoshoots are extremely fun to do and it can be very romantic. You can make a list of all the locations you want to visit with the camera or you can decide on the way where you want the pictures to be taken. Start from the places that are special to you and your partner. For instance, take a picture in the place you’ve had your first kiss in.

You can also bring your wedding photos with you and try recreating them. You can have tons of fun and compare the start of your relationship and the present at the same time. You’ll notice that a lot of stuff has changed and you’ll learn to cherish your every moment even more. A very cute idea would also be to hire a photo booth. Get informed about the photo booth hire cost and organize something adorable with your significant other. After you finish with your celebration, you’ll still have all the photographs to remember the good time you had. 

Watch Your Wedding Video

Reliving memories of your wedding is really a nice way to celebrate such an important date. Most people don’t ever watch the wedding video. If you too belong to this majority of people, use this anniversary as the perfect opportunity to sit down with your significant other and see how your happy day went. Prepare some romantic meals, pour some glasses of champagne and enjoy.

Even if you don’t have the wedding video, you probably have some albums or pictures you can go through. Maybe some occasion, other than the wedding has been important for you and your relationship and you have that one documented. Whichever video or album you choose to watch, make sure that it shows how deep your love for one another is. 

Give Thoughtful Gifts

One of the best ways to make the celebration more romantic and to lift the mood is to gift thoughtful gifts. You can get completely original this year and gift each other presents you’ve made by yourself. For instance, you can sign up for pottery classes and in the end, make something for each other. You can save and gift it on your anniversary.

Making an anniversary mix CDs is also a great gift. You can put up a playlist of all your favorite songs and then listen to it as soon as you start celebrating the anniversary. You can also get creative and find a way to somehow match the gift with the anniversary year. For instance, if you’re celebrating your fourth anniversary, plan four different activities. 

Just Be Together

The simplest, yet the most difficult one to achieve, is the celebration when you two are just together. This means that you should turn off your phone and stop checking your emails for a few hours. It may seem easy, but ignoring the rest of the world even for just a couple of hours, takes effort. 

If you do manage to avoid using technology altogether for your anniversary, you’ll do a big thing. This kind of act will show your spouse what your priorities are and how much you value your relationship. Don’t let even your own children bother you. Ask your parents or in-laws to look after the kids and use the time you can on a romantic getaway with your soul mate.


Celebrating your wedding anniversary is one of the nicest occasions in your marriage. If you’ve spent a couple of previous ones surrounded with your friends or children, change things a little bit and celebrate with just your significant other. Remind yourself of all the reasons you’ve fallen for each other and enjoy together many years to come.

Liam Smith

Liam Smith is a young and aspiring Australian blogger with a passion for everything related to home, design and lifestyle. He has a B.Sc. in Interior design and is an avid reader.