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romantic style bedroom
By VIVOLZ 2,976 views

How to Decorate a Romantic Style Bedroom?

Creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom: a trend that always makes experienced decorators dream! Many wonder how to go about it. In the world of interior design, romanticism combines sensuality, softness, comfort, and aesthetics. In decoration, the romantic design is applied with delicacy thanks to soft colors, refined furniture, and subtly chosen decorative objects. Creating a romantic style bedroom means creating a cozy, intimate, and personal little love nest that invites dreams, femininity, and relaxation. Looking for creative ideas? Discover inspirations and decoration ideas to make your layout a success.

The romantic style bedroom is apprehended above all through the choice of its furniture. If the bed is in the front row, the other furniture can also bring this note of romanticism.

Canopy Bed: the Star of Romantic Bedrooms

Widely used in previous centuries, the canopy bed is back in fashion. Today revisited in a more contemporary format, it is inseparable from the romantic style. It is characterized by a bed frame completed by a geometric structure in height. Wrought iron has long dominated as the material of the structure. It is currently more diversified and the uprights are often made of wood. The advantage of the canopy is that it is magnified with light veils, canopy, curtains, and other decorative elements to enhance the intimacy and softness of the room. Thus, the four-poster bed becomes the haven of peace, ideal for soft and peaceful nights.

A Wooden Bed for a Romantic Bohemian Spirit

The canopy does not have a monopoly on romanticism. More traditional beds, such as boxsprings or models with padded headboards in fabric, are particularly suited to this decorative style. For romance, we also like the famous wooden bed, preferably in light wood species such as beech, oak, or pine. Combined with quality cotton or linen bed linen, in soft and luminous tones, it brings this somewhat bohemian and naturally romantic touch. With its authentic cachet, this bedding will be the number 1 decorative element in the adult bedroom. It can be embellished by adorning it with a beautiful lace bed canopy or an embroidered silk bed set.

Classic Design Furniture

To accentuate the romantic style of the bedroom, nothing better than storage furniture with voluptuous shapes, round lines, and sculpted or molded elements. With this in mind, a baroque-style chest of drawers and wardrobe with elaborate finishes will do wonders. It is also difficult not to fall in admiration in front of a beautiful piece of furniture in ceruse wood or furniture with curved legs that does honor classic design. Browse models at Homary! The bedside table will have to be associated with the bed, but it can also bring its note of romanticism and originality thanks to aerial legs and discreet metal handles.

For an even more romantic decoration in the bedroom, it is impossible to ignore the dressing table, this make-up table enhances any space and is practical on a daily basis for moments spent taking care of yourself. It gives a note of femininity to the bedroom, especially if it is topped with a baroque-style mirror for an antique and elegant look.

Soft, Powdery, and Light Colors

A romantic adult room is not greedy in color. She seeks calm, daydreaming, well-being, and lightness. To do this, light shades are preferred. This is particularly the case with white, which in many cases must be the dominant color. It can be nuanced with off-white or weathered wooden elements that will give a nice white palette. Colors flow smoothly through plain paints such as sea green, grey, powder pink, or powder blue. Much appreciated in parental bedrooms, as wall coverings or as decorative objects, they bring tranquility and softness. To reinforce the cozy and cocooning atmosphere, all the fabrics of natural materials, in particular, are beautiful decorative assets. Floral patterns can also have their say on a romantic interior.

We avoid too warm colors or bright colors, or so by small touch. This can be for example the usefulness of red, the fetish tone of love, which gives relief to a romantic bedroom. In order not to fall into kitsch, red is added sparingly, thanks to a cushion placed on the armchair or the bed for example.

Decorative Objects to Crack

In terms of decoration, there is no need to invest a lot for a romantic style bedroom. Antique and flea market objects are popular to bring this salvaged spirit full of charm. Romanticism particularly likes somewhat vintage accessories such as candlesticks or decorative porcelain objects. A few vases with dried flowers or pretty bouquets can be placed on the furniture to bring this country spirit. In general, the romantic design has fun with floral touches through wallpapers and other decorations. Scented candles are also in vogue, as much for the glamor as for the scent they diffuse in the bedroom.

For the decoration of a romantic bed, nothing beats a beautiful fabric canopy. Placed high up, and why not hung on the structure of the canopy, this fabric decorative item brings a charming and comforting note to the master suite. It reinforces the intimate side of the bed in a magical and bohemian-chic spirit.

Soft and Dim Lights

A sleeping area decorated in a romantic way must play on the play of lights for a relaxed atmosphere that exudes tranquility. Lighting that is too powerful is therefore to be avoided. The bright lights are incompatible with the poetic and cozy atmosphere that the romantic decoration seeks to establish in the room. It is better to soften the brightness by adopting here and there small luminous accessories such as lanterns, night lamps, or LED garlands. Dim lights are of course appropriate for a romantic and intimate side. For the center light, a lovely chandelier is sure to make a splash.

The Right Choice of Materials

In terms of materials, the romantic style likes raw or natural materials:

  • Solid wood: It is warm and extremely stable, and is available in almost all interior furniture. We want it here with a patina, aged or ceruse for a romantic bedroom with an old character.
  • Wrought iron: wrought iron combines strength and hardness. Taking advantage of its beautiful raw and irregular appearance, it adds a chic country note to the decor. A wrought iron bed decorated with scrolls embellishes the romantic bedroom in an original way.
  • Fabrics: in a romantic bedroom, textiles are essential. It must be silky and soft like velvet, linen, cashmere, satin, cotton, and silk. There is also no shortage of embroidery, tulle, and lace to highlight the English cottage effect of the decoration.

3 Tips for a Romantic Arrangement

A romantic adult bedroom is easy to live in. A few simple tips for making this decorative arrangement:

  • Visually ventilate the sleeping area: indeed, the romantic bedroom instinctively opts for a breathable, light, and peaceful atmosphere. Exit the superfluous and the overload of frills, the space must be decluttered in order to make room for peace.
  • Tidy and organize the bedroom: a poorly organized or messy bedroom will be anything but romantic and elegant. It is therefore better to put unnecessary things in the closet and keep only what you really need.
  • Avoid multimedia equipment: it is a question in particular of removing all the accessories which do not accommodate the code of the romantic style. Such is the case of electronic devices that can break the softness of the atmosphere or even disturb sleep.