Rudraksha Mala Beads

Mala beads are generally used in holistic healing to cure a number of ailments. It is believed that all sicknesses of men and women arise due to a disbalance in their basic body chakra. Thus if the same can be aligned, the root cause of a number of ailments that people suffer from in their daily lives can be easily cured.

Mala beads are not only beautiful adornments but also very powerful tools of meditation. Each has its own symbolic meaning and they are extensively used in holistic healing. They are also readily available everywhere both as mala beads wholesale and individual items.


Constipation is one of the maladies which almost everyone faces today. Lack of a disciplined lifestyle, bad food habits, no exercises, etc., are important reasons which give rise to this. Irritable bowel syndrome is also generally associated with causing the same.

Most doctors advise consuming laxatives and using a readily available enema to cure the same. But all these offers just temporary relief and none of it addresses the root cause so that the person afflicted with constipation can get permanent relief. The use of enema supplies, abundantly available in the market, is a very common cure for extremely strong constipation.

What is an enema?

Simply speaking enema is a stool evacuation stimulant, preferably a liquid treatment used to bring relief to a person suffering from severe constipation. This process becomes necessary when a person is not physically able to push out the waste through the rectum. While they are readily available, it is always better to take the advice of the doctor before self-administering the same since there are certain risks associated with its administration like:

  • The forceful entry of the enema can result in irritation and tissue damage and hence it should be inserted lightly.
  • There might be blood present in the stool that happens immediately after administering enema and the cause for the same needs to be investigated. If it is due to rectal damage from the use of enema supplies, then the same needs to be told to a doctor. Other reasons for the presence of blood in the stool can be a persistent medical condition which too needs to be investigated on priority.
  • Administration of enema tube multiple times within the rectum can result in multiple and severe complications.
  • In rare cases inappropriate administration of enema can result in embolism or even the perforation of the rectum; both of these conditions can have grave consequences.

Thus it is always better to try to adopt lifestyle changes or other forms of treatment for constipation. The Rudraksha therapy is one such way in which rudraksha beads can be purchased from mala beads wholesale shops and can be to cure the imbalanced chakras on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. In fact, practising this form of holistic healing on a regular basis ensures the occurrence of positive changes within the body and also provides an effective cure from constipation. The aim of this therapy is to ensure that the negative changes which have occurred in the body can be eliminated slowly and the body brought back to its former state of complete harmony. Thus this theory tries to eliminate the basic cause of constipation so that the body is able to take out the waste easily without any external help.

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