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5 Things That Can Ruin Your Transmission

For some people, it is actually difficult to leave bad habits. Especially when it comes to bad driving habits that most people are doing for a long time. Having knowledge about the things that can damage your car help you avoid destroying your transmission. Also, it will help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

So, let’s find out top 5 mistakes drivers make that can damage transmission with the experts of Mantrans LLC.

Shifting When Not Stopped

If you reverse or shift into drive when your car is not stopped completely this can quickly ruin your transmission. If your car is with automatic transmission, it is always a good idea to let a car fully stopped before shifting into drive or reverse. According to experts, in an automatic transmission car, it is not similar to shifting gears in a manual transmission vehicle, where the clutch can unlock, an automatic transmission is a rigid direct operation and the teeth inside the gears can grind if you force the transmission to change gears while moving. Not only this can damage your transmission, but it can also damage your driveshaft and suspension as well.

Towing Beyond Your Car’s Ability

In simple words, if your car isn’t meant to pull a heavy load, then don’t. If your car has some hauling capability then be sure to not go beyond the suggested weight limits. Towing puts a huge pressure on your transmission, which can cause it to overheat.

Transmission Problems-Mantrans

Using The Wrong Transmission Fluid

You must know that transmission requires a certain type of transmission fluid to run. Therefore, different types of transmission fluid have different levels of thickness and distinctive blends of added substances and are formulated for different car’s transmissions. Using the wrong fluid for your transmission can result in your transmission not getting the cooling properties or right grease that it requires. Your owner’s manual or the transmissions experts at Mantrans Home LLC can enable you to figure out which transmission fluid is right for your car.

Not Servicing Your Transmission

If you don’t service your transmission on a regular basis, contaminants and dirt can build up and cause your transmission to develop problems over time. The transmissions performance will decrease and its inside parts will wear out. So try not to ignore regular maintenance of your transmission, otherwise, it will eventually fail outright.

Ignoring Transmission Problems

Most catastrophic issues are avoidable – there are cautioning signs en route. Hearing unusual noises? Car shaking, or slowing down? These are all early cautioning signs that something may not be right with your transmission. And this is why it is advisable to bring your car to a certified transmission expert sooner preferably later when these warning signs occur. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse – and more expensive to repair.

Final Thought

So try to avoid these five mistakes if you want to save your automation car transmission and to gain more knowledge you can approach the experts of Mantrans LLC.

Mantrans LLC

Mantrans LLC specialize in rebuilt Front Wheel & All Wheel Drive transaxle (FWD & AWD), Rear Wheel Drive transmission (2WD) and Four Wheel Drive transmission and transfer cases, for Domestic, Japanese and some European.They offer a broad range of rebuilt transmissions from three (3) thru Seven (7) speeds, covering light cars and trucks, up to five (5) tons.

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