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Covid 19: Plan a Safe Holiday Travels and Celebrations

The holiday season is here! The time many looked forward to connecting and celebrating this time of the year with their loved ones. This year especially has been tough and challenging as COVID 19 crippled the whole world.  With the traveling restrictions, the stay at home orders and many battling with health and finances, and months of separations from family and friends, the holiday celebration is a much-needed one for both physical, mental, and emotional health. However, whether you are planning to travel to meet your loved ones or you will be hosting or attending the holiday party and celebration, you sure want everyone to stay safe and healthy. That is why royal migration, a Dubai based immigration services company specializing in all kinds of visas, put together these safety measures to ensure you have a safe trip and curb the spread of covid 19. Before diving in, stop by Royal Migration Review to see how people have successfully navigated visa-related issues and traveling during this challenging time. Although the holiday celebration is going to be different this year, you can still have the best time and enjoy the most of it while ensuring everyone’s safety with these tips.

Before traveling

The lowest risk of course is to avoid travel and the CDC recommended celebrating virtually or postponing the party. The safer way is to keep the celebration limited to the members of your family alone.

If however, you must travel at all, there are a lot of things at stake and additional measures to take before hitting the road.

Expert recommends realistically asking yourself and loved ones important questions that will determine if you are safe to travel. What are the local rules and safety guidelines laid down in your intended destination? This could be in regards to the group size, the number of people you can meet outside your household, movement restrictions, and any other rules laid down that need to be followed. You also want to know if the number of cases in your destination is increasing or decreasing. Besides, is there anyone in your household that is at higher risk of the virus? And do you plan to travel with people outside of your household? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you might as well reconsider your travel plans and have your celebration done virtually.

It is also important to test yourself before traveling to ensure no one is bringing any virus to the party. Get a molecular diagnostic test before you travel to protect yourself and ensure you are safe to travel.

rapid PCR COVID test Atlanta is one type of molecular test that you should consider. This test detects the genetic material of COVID-19 like standard RT-PCR tests, but in a fraction of the time since it does not have to be processed at a lab. You can learn whether you are sick as well as meet the travel requirements that some airlines have in place in 30 minutes or less.

You can get this test from select clinicians or at home with a service such as Drip Hydration. At-home tests allow you to focus on packing and making travel plans instead of dealing with the hassle of getting tested with a DIY kit or at a community testing center.

During traveling

If you jump all these hurdles and still consider traveling, it is safer to go with your own vehicle or rented car. However, this can result in spending extra and you might also get burn out as a result of long hours of traveling. Traveling by road tends to be safer than taking flights, buses, trains, or any other public transportations.

If however, you are obliged to go by public transport, flights are fairly safe and are sure that your airline enforce mask-wearing and staying 6 feet apart.

While you are out in the public, make sure you are wearing a face mask, wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, and always practice social distancing.

At the holiday celebrations

Travel can expose you to the risk of getting or spreading the virus. That is why it is important to quarantine for 2 weeks after arriving at their destinations. You don’t want to pass along anything you might have picked up from your own community or while traveling.

And while at the party, I expert-recommended keeping it small and do your holiday things outdoor if possible.

While at it, wear masks and wash your hands every time. Besides, watch each other’s back and see if there is anyone showing signs of covid 19.

In conclusion, when you are attending or hosting that holiday party, do it better. When grandpa or grandma is involved, you want to ensure they are protected if you want everyone to be present at the next holiday table.

For more on traveling or getting visas during this period of crisis, check out  Royal Migration Review.


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