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Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies
By MANOJ RANA 1,404 views

6 Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Really Work

Since healthcare marketing has been around. Mainly, health care practices rely on tried and true methods to advertise their services and connect with patients. A lot of practices is nowadays unable to progress with the changes in marketing technology. Advertising strategies that effectively worked once are no longer going to bring new patients.

Avoid repeating same healthcare marketing strategies otherwise, your practice suffers the consequences. Implement something new and potentially more effective! These days, marketing is all about building a personal connection with each patient rather than blasting general advertisements to the masses.

Here are some effective healthcare marketing strategies presented by Sam Solakyan that can easily be automated with an automated healthcare marketing solution. The advantage of automation is useful in efficiently compose the process in order to save your time.

A Healthcare Survey through Social Media

To get patients` feedback about what they are looking for a healthcare provider?

Online surveys are efficient. If you follow social media posting, it is an effective technique for lead generation. Additionally, your survey will be shared with a new audience. An automated healthcare marketing solution incorporates survey data and organizes it. Effectively analyze this data is helpful in comprehending your patients need and how you can improve your Paramount Management Services.

Offer Free Healthcare Service

Offer a free service such as teeth whitening. These contests are a very effective marketing strategy in order to increase engagement and interest. Effectively advertise the contest through social channels, email and text messages. This encourages patients – share, like and comment and increases exposure.

Healthcare Service
Healthcare Service

Share Tips to Educate Patients

Create awareness messages in advance and schedule them to send automatically through social channels, email or text messages. This educational content helps in building a personal bond with patients. This ensures them – you care for them by keeping them healthy.

Use Cross-Promotion Marketing Strategies

Use social media, make a connection with other local businesses for cross-promotion. A lot of healthcare practices refers patients to other businesses for relevant services, including chiropractors, optometrists, and massage therapists. On the other side, health care professionals do refer by word of mouth, but according to Sam Solakyan IMDb it’s ideal to use automated social media posts. Promote other businesses on your social media pages, vice-versa. This helps local business in the community as well as increasing exposure.

Cost-Effective Paid Advertising

When it comes to marketing, the challenge a lot of medical practices face is simply the time. There are patients to be seen and paperwork to be done, and you’re already occupied.

So how could you possibly find the time to implement these strategies?

You can rely on Paid Advertising, aka Pay-Per-Click, a form of Search Engine Marketing. Paid Ads through Google Ad words, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Local Awareness Ads are a time-saving and cost-effective way to gain more patients, referrals, and recognition for your practice.

The avail of Paid Ads or PPC campaigns is – it enables you to control your budget by setting a maximum spend.

Video Marketing

PPC campaign isn’t the only way that you can use for your medical marketing strategy. Creating videos on channels like YouTube are also very effective in this strategy.

For many hospitals, online video is a pivotal component of hospital research and awareness. Sam Solakyan shared a survey – according to Google & Compete Hospital, reports that 53% of patients who didn’t watch the hospital videos were unaware of their existence.

Well, there are very few healthcare marketing strategies that you can use for marketing. So, if you’re not marketing your practice online, how will your audience know you exist? Share your media strategies in the comment below.

Manoj Rana

I have 7+ year Experience in Digital Marketing and Online Reputation Management. SEO is heart of internet searching as well as mine also. Every time found new opportunity to develop my knowledge and feel good when achieve this challenge.