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Scarf Story from the Times Gone By
By LENA BURKUT 1,192 views

Scarf Story from the Times Gone By

Audrey Hepburn was an actress par excellence. She was also a great humanitarian who used her name, fame and wealth to reach out to the needy and do good to them. She was also a fashionista and a fashion icon for women of her times. Many things she wore in her movies became iconic and impacted the everyday dressing style of women. Scarves for women are one such accessory which was beautifully portrayed by her and adapted in everyday fashion. She absolutely loved them. It is quoted as her statement that she said “When I wear a silk scarf I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman’.” Such was the import given to scarves for women.

Scarves make any garment paired with it instantly jazzy. There is something about a scarf that spells class and style. Something considered as rebellious as the leather women jackets online also don a different look the moment they are paired with scarves for women.

Scarves have been around for a very long time. They were not always fashion accessories alone. It was initially used only as a piece of cloth to cover the head from sun. Fashion chronicles point to ancient Rome as the place of origin for scarves the way we know them. They were used to wipe away sweat and were called ‘sweat cloth’. They were worn by warriors around their necks during combat. A similar culture was there in the Chinese army of those times. References to scarves can be seen in army of different countries. In some places scarves made out of different material and color marked the seniority of the soldier wearing it. Scarves were noticed during second world war too.

As time progressed fashion learnt and unlearnt, the scarves made their way into the lives of people from all strata. Peasants wore them to cover their heads, women wore them to protect their hair and face from machines and harmful chemicals in factories, upper class wore them as a sign of wealth. The scarf thus made its mark in the everyday life of everyone.

It was probably in the mid 20th century that the scarf really became the center piece of fashion. They were made in all kinds of materials and in all sizes. From the big infinity scarf to the bandana, there is a size to choose from. Since scarves started becoming regular accessories in fashion for men and women, the ways to wear them changed radically from only covering the head to tying around the neck, wrist and the waist. They were used to pep up outfits of all styles – tops, tees, tunics, dresses, maxis and women jackets online too.

The scarf also was worn in multiple ways using a wide range of knots. From the simple knot similar to how a tie is done to classic wrap to a wrap and tie. There are a lot of variations that still keep emerging from the look books of many fashion houses across the world. The scarf which started as a piece of utility clothing is today an accessory that spells elegance.

Lena Burkut

Lena is a passionate lifestyle blogger and writer. Apart from writing about health and fitness, I love learning about history, crossword puzzles and much more. In the above article she discussed about scarves for women.