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Luis Pérez Companc - ferrari
By DEEPAK 3,341 views

Schumacher Won his Last Rally with Luis Pérez Companc Ferrari

Michael Schumacher has won the seventh world title in the Galvez with the Ferrari. Luis Pérez Companc has turned on Ferrari F2004 with which Schumacher gain the seventh and as well as the last crown in Formula1. Luis is the brother of Pablo Perez Companc who makes several track days open to the public with Pagani Zonda revolution. They both have a passion for cars financed by their father Gregorio Perez Companc.

Actually, this Argentine billionaire businessman has the best collection of classic cars. In fact, he has also built a private autodrome in Escobar. In the year 2005, Gregorio (Goyo) has bought a formula 1 Ferrari at a sale in Maranello. He paid 2.4 million euros in order to buy the F2004 with the chassis 234. Actually, this car has great sports record. Schumacher has won the Grand Prix of Australia, Bahrain, Imola, Malaysia and Spain in 2004 with the F2004.

F2004 Land in Argentina First Time as the Contract Over

The father of Luis Pérez Companc has to sign a confidentiality contract while purchasing this car. According to the contract, the Ferrari will remain in the custody in Maranello for sometimes. The main reason behind this agreement is to avoid the leak of Ferrari technology innovation. Moreover, Luis can use this car only in the official track days the Ferrari organize.

In the year 2011, Luis beat the past record of the American Circuit of Laguna Seca using this car. Actually, after the expiring of the contract, the F2004 was brought Argentina for the first time. Along with the car, the F1 clienti division of Ferrari also come from Maranello. A technical manager and team of nine mechanics come to Perez companc in order to work on F2004.

Design of Ferrari

Design of Ferrari

In reality, F2004 was the special car and as efficacious as its previous model F2002. The construction of this Luis Pérez Companc car follow the same design principle but a step is taken further. Actually, the periscope exhausts have kept smaller and attached near to the center line of the car. The mechanics enlarge the rear wings and also redesign the rear suspension in order to reduce the tire wear i.e. problem in F2003-GA. Along with this, the engine design will last full weekend and gearbox has made more buoyant.

F2004 Performance

This car has won the 15 races out of 18. Along with this, it has also victory the 12 pole positions. Furthermore, the F2004 has made it possible for Schumacher to become the first driver of achieving the seventh world championship. In addition to this, Luis was the winner in constructor’s championship.

After the 2004 season, F2004 was built-up further as a test-bed for 2005 and castoff in the first two competitions. As the podium finish in the 2005 Australian Grand Prix, the car was superannuated to create its inheritor. Actually, this car scored 272 championship points in its career.