SD-WAN came into the light because of its Security Features

SD-WANs are aimed to be a breakthrough in network technology. They do not come without flaws. Reliability, security, and a high level of service are three components they intend to offer clients to help them maintain their business.

There is no virtualization of legacy networks in any of the three regions because they were never designed to be virtualized. As a consequence, companies have abandoned older technologies and adopted software-defined wide area networks as a method for improving their operations.

Evaluation of SD-WAN vendors: What to look for?

SD-WAN solutions should be carefully chosen for MSSPs’ customers based on the following factors:

Speed and security are inextricably linked

Winning a battle requires more than just performing well. It is crucial to integrate networking and security so that connections are always optimized, even if they are continuously optimized. However, that security is not sufficient in and of itself. It must work in harmony with other protections in the distributed network, as well as ensure that policies and enforcement are applied continuously to data, applications, and transactions.

Are SD-WANs first or are the security first? – Introducing SASE

In the course of implementing your SASE, you can begin with SD-WAN, cloud security, or both. Nonetheless, there may be times when you would rather not have to switch over both simultaneously. These SD-WAN architectures might need to be transformed at a pace that makes sense for your organization.

  • Depending on your business needs, survey your WAN and security requirements.
  • What level of performance and reliability does your business require from cloud applications? Do you have a service level agreement (SLA) for your application?
  • SD-WAN has been replaced by a routing function. What is it?
  • What challenges do mobile and telecommuter users face in terms of security and network connectivity?
  • Are there any applications in your organizations that gain from WAN optimization?
  • What are the essential components of a firewall branch and what can be provided in the cloud?
  • In terms of security, division, and compliance requirements, what do your clients require from you? What is the best IoT gadget for you?
  • Would you be able to predict the threat vector that would appear later? On this note, it could be important to take advantage of security advancements from providers that are different from those currently available.

The SASE assessment consists of:

Evaluate the security and SD-WAN features provided by various vendors. Many organizations would benefit from the best WAN technology when it comes to providing the best level of security without compromising security in the cloud. As a result, there isn’t likely to be much distinction between the two providers. Consider the security and SASE Pros and Cons of SD-WAN before choosing the vendor!

The Ponemon Institute report on safety best practices from more than 1,800 networks and security IT experts indicates that 66% of IT teams want to adopt best practices for network and cloud security for SASE.

Nearly 70% of respondents agreed that integrating multiple vendors could improve performance and progress operations without compromising network or security capabilities.

Automated orchestration enables the best functionality

Adopting an open, high-level SD-WAN platform that can support application programming interfaces (or APIs) will provide an additional level of automation for reliable network connectivity to the best cloud security services to avoid future vendor security threats. It is also important to avoid compromises. The SD-WAN platform, which supports fundamental branch security features, such as zone-based firewalls and segmentation, allows organizations to move to a SASE architecture at their own pace.

A definitive objective of SASE is to promote business value

Business results are the only motivation for changing your network and security architecture. Then why leave on a SASE trip and incur the costs associated with it? After helping many clients on their SASE journeys, Aruba can now see how its additional business value can be recognized through SASE:

  • Providing clients with the best possible cloud experience will improve functionality, consumer satisfaction, and ultimately profit for the business.
  • Enhance the performance of security policies throughout your organization to reduce business risks and ensure your brand image.
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses by improving WAN architecture, incorporating network and security management, and eliminating cloud-based return traffic over leased lines.
  • In the end, it allows organizations to increase the profit from existing and developing cloud investments.
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