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Moving into a new home is an excitement-filled event in anyone’s life. There’s a new city to explore, make more memories with your family as new opportunities await you. But with this excitement comes a feeling of worry that you can’t ignore. Whether you’re living alone, with a roommate or your family, your top priority should be to keep the house and its inmates safe. As far as home security goes, there are many ways you can go about and we’ve made a list just for you to help you get started.

Install Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

You always need a first line of defense before getting into the heavy stuff and nothing scares a robber more than a flash of blinding light that can blow their cover in a matter of seconds. This might seem like something straight out of a James Bond movie but the lighting system is not as expensive as it seems. There are many basic LED solar powered flood lights with a built in motion sensor system you can buy for approximately $20.

Hire Trained Security Guards

It’s fairly easy to protect your home when you’re in it but some robbers get to work when you aren’t there. People also tend to be more anxious and end up not leaving their homes for too long. Don’t let the fear of your house getting robbed ruin your plans. The best way to go about it is to hire a personal security guard. Companies like OGS Group provide professional and trained security guards to protect you and your home. They work 24/7 with their on-site presence to make sure everything is A-Okay.

Know Thy Neighbours

It might seem like something you just do when you move into a new place, but make some pie and go say hi to your neighbours. However, your probably would have never thought about getting to know them as an important security measure. Get to know your neighbours so you can have eyes on each other’s house. It is crucial to have someone nearby that you can trust especially when you have to leave your home for an extended period of time.

Invest in a Home Security system

A security system can be the best investment you make. It provides protection around the clock against any break-ins at all. The security systems help alert the authorities in case there is a break in, fire, flood or a power outage. The security system comes with surveillance cameras and security codes that only you and your family members have access to. Many have a backup battery that powers the system in case of a power outage and your house remains protected throughout

Get Smart with Smart Locks

Smart locks are small locking systems with biometric scanning and a keypad access that provide solid protection. They are especially helpful in situations where you might forget your key. Smart locks allow you to unlock or lock the house from anywhere through your mobile phone. The only downside to these is that they are not cheap and might cost around $200.

Trick the Robbers

Burglars mostly target the places that are easy to rob with no or minimal security. They look for places without any signs or security cameras. If you do not have the budget to get a security system installed, buy fake signs and dummy cameras that you can find for $5. They will definitely help ward-off any intruders.

Buy a Motion Sensing Alarm

Motion sensing alarms might wake you up from a deep sleep but they will definitely spook the burglars away. The motion sensing alarms are installed mostly near the doors and the windows. In case of any break in or movement, the alarm quickly goes off and it is loud enough to not only wake you but also reach Dante’s ninth circle of hell.

Keep the Lights on Before Leaving

Houses that are completely dark and empty usually are the targets of burglars and thieves. Many are reluctant to rob a house filled with people so when you’re leaving the house at night or going away for a while, keep on a few lights inside and outside of the house. They may seem like an energy waste during the day but you can always invest in smart lights that will automatically turn on after sunset.

Secure all Sliding Doors and Windows

Not all burglars will come waltzing through the front door. Around 90% of them will either try the windows or the sliding back door. Make your windows and doors burglar-proof by inserting metal rods or bars at the bottom of the door and a Polyvinyl chloride bar for the windows that is impossible to knock off.

Get a Dog!

This is probably the most fun investment you can make. A well-trained dog can be great for detecting intruders before your cameras even do their job. Not only are dogs fantastic animals to live with but they also help protect the house and will bark whenever someone they don’t recognise is close to your home. If the dog is old and strong enough, their presence alone might be enough to scare the robbers away.

Taking these preventive measures is crucial for your safety. Though this might require some monetary investment in the beginning and you might need some time getting used to everything, in the end, it is all worth it as they do help you keep your family safe from any untoward incident.

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