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We know you are super stressed and tense! Your CCTV camera videos aren’t visible and you are totally blank as to what’s happening back at home! It’s unfortunate, especially when you invested so much in your security system — suddenly your security camera’s videos are totally lost! You obviously are worried about the safety of your home and juggling hard to find the ways to get it back working. But to do the same, you need to find the reasons behind this problem.

Common Reasons for the Video Loss of Your Security Cameras!

A security camera from All Round Security is the most important component of your home security system. Obviously, they provided you with the best camera for your home which was technically advanced and up to the mark. But, today, after so many good and secure days with your security camera, if you finally find the videos getting lost somehow, you would naturally be curious to know the reasons behind the same.

  • Insufficient power — If your video starts flickering or flickers quite often and then goes black suddenly, then it’s probably due to insufficient power supply. Either your cable connection is loose or your PoE (Power over Ethernet) isn’t working or you have a cable that’s connected to many devices. You can simply treat it by using short cables or rechecking these once again. You can also skip the PoE system and directly connect the cameras to the DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder).
  • Sudden power spike or interference— That’s often a reason behind the video getting lost all of a sudden. It may be due to lightning or mounting the camera on a metal surface or any electrical current coming from nearby equipment. To beat this issue, ensure you are attaching a block of wood to break the sudden current if your camera is mounted on a metal surface. You can also use power surge protectors and opt for an uninterrupted power supply for your CCTV devices.
  • Weak WIFI connection — It’s one of the most common reasons behind the lost videos of your security cameras. The reason — the device is too far away from the router or there are many hindrances between the router and the cameras. Or your signal can naturally be too dull to get you good video coverage. To deal with this issue, remove all the hindrances between the device and the router or try to replace the camera somewhere near the router and do check with your WIFI or broadband provider once as well.
  • Faulty IR night vision — IR or infrared security in your cameras is essential as it provides you a clear picture and video of everything happening at night in your property. And if you couldn’t see the videos during this time, then it may be due to a faulty IR vision. Or you either forgot to turn this system on entirely. You can easily solve this issue by checking the setting of your IR system in the camera and get the videos back again.

The main concern behind installing a security camera is to enjoy maximum peace of mind. It’s because you get to know about each and every movement happening in your place. But if these are not gained, then your investment goes in vain — which shouldn’t be the case at all. That is why the moment you find lost videos, check the problems and try to solve them as soon as possible. 

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