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By ALBERT WELLS 4,176 views

5 Tips to Consider To Make a Self Storage Unit Accessible

Sometimes, storage units can be left for months but on the other hand, they could be accessed frequently for getting goods according to the requirements. For accessing your goods without any hassle, you must organize your storage efficiently which can prove to be a good decision for the long run.

Below, you will find out 5 extremely useful tips which you must keep in mind when you consider a self-storage unit for your personal and business needs.

Finding and Organizing Out What You Require On a Regular Basis

Regular items are frequently needed and that’s why you should keep them close to your reach while storing them in your storage unit. Cookwares, clothes, office files, and any other goods which you may need often, you need to keep it at the reachable point in your unit.

Make a List Of All The Boxes And Belongings Within

There could be so many boxes in a storage unit and it’s hard to remember what each box contains, that’s the reason, I would advise you to make a list of items in the specific box and paste it outside the box to easily know which box to look for when you require that specific item. It will save a lot of your precious time and effort. Always have in writing the number of boxes and the items stored in them with you whenever you visit your storage unit.

Choose Appropriately Sized Boxes

Choosing random boxes of different sizes may cause you trouble if you have a lot of boxes to store in your storage unit. You should always plan what you want to store in what kind of box, small items should be kept in compact boxes and meanwhile big items must be kept in large boxes. The boxes should be arranged and organized accordingly keeping big boxes such a way that it doesn’t get in your way and small and medium-sized boxes should be more accessible which can be moved as per your need to access goods which are kept in corners.

Keep the Location of the Storage Unit in Mind

Whether you are a student or a business owner, the location of the self-storage facility is really important because you never know when you may have to get your goods from your unit so choosing the closest facility is of utmost importance and it adds to the overall convenience.

Just think of it this way, you urgently need your items for a business meeting and it could happen that you can find that important file which could result in any unforeseen circumstances.

Moreover, if you are someone who likes to use vehicle storage then you must consider the accessibility of your unit so that you can easily go to your unit and load and unload your goods. For that, you must arrange and organize your goods accordingly.

Create a Layout To Arrange The Unit

Creating a layout in your storage unit is always beneficial as it is important to create a path for yourself to move freely in your storage unit. It helps you to reach your goods which has been kept even at the corners and at any point of time. Try adjusting goods according to their dimensions. If an object is heavy, keep it far away from the center but if an object is light and movable, you should keep it in the middle as you can remove it anytime.

If Necessary, Upgrade to A Larger Unit

It is advised to select your ideal size for your storage unit according to your needs but I would advise you to go for a larger unit if possible. It is convenient to move around in the larger unit and if you happen to have more goods than expected then you don’t have to think about it twice as you would have plenty of space to store extra luggage.

Build a Map Of Your Items

Make sure you map out each box. Try to click a photograph each time you visit your storage unit so that you know how you left the storage unit and where are your goods placed. It helps you in the quick finding of those products as you already have an idea of it.


Whether you are a student, a parent, a business owner, or military personnel, at some point, you will need a self-storage unit to hold and store your extra goods, and managing your unit to easily load and unload your items is most important.

If you are someone living in New York or Manhattan, just visit our self-storage unit t outlook for yourself how amazing our units can help you store your personal goods for a short or longer period. Visit our website and we will help you find the perfect Self-Storage unit for all your storage needs.

Albert Wells

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2 years ago

Thanks for these smart tips on how to go about renting a storage unit like building some sort of map that would help you find specific items faster. These ideas will really be helpful when I move into a smaller apartment next month. I hope I could rent one with the proper amenities.

Alice Carroll
Alice Carroll
2 years ago

Thanks for the reminder that upgrading into larger units could be an option depending on one’s needs when getting a self-storage unit. I’d like to rent one in the future because I want to clear up some space in my home to make walking around easier. Some of my end tables and other redundant furniture might have to be taken out for that.