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SEO Checklist for a New eCommerce Website in 2021

SEO Checklist for a New eCommerce Website in 2021

Search engine optimisation is the only way you can get your website ranked on SERPs. It can be possible if your website is fully optimised and you are following proper search engine guidelines and algorithm rules. Everyone does not have complete knowledge about SEO and its major factors.

Major SEO Facts

For the most beneficial and effective SEO Melbourne results, you should not skip a single thing. In the following details, you will get a checklist regarding all SEO stages such as – technical, on-page, and off-page.

Technical SEO Checklist

Internal Link Strategy

Many people don’t focus on creating internal links. It is important to let Google bots crawl and index all pages of your website.

Use Redirects

In the case of eCommerce platforms, some pages may become useless after some time or for a short period. In these conditions, you should use redirection techniques and redirect these pages to worthy ones.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendliness becomes one of the biggest factors. It is not only helpful in serving mobile traffic. Now, mobile-friendly is one of the main ranking signals that can increase your website credibility.

On-Page SEO Checklist

Keyword Research

Success in search engine optimisation highly depends on keywords. In case you don’t use the right keywords, you may not achieve the goals or get relevant traffic on the website. Before performing any activity, you should consider deep keyword research.

Page Optimization

During all these things, you should not forget to optimise the webpage with all important SEO factors.

· You should add proper heading tags on pages (h2, h3, h4…)
· Try to write and optimise meta data (meta title and description) carefully
· You should set up an impressive page title (H1)
· Don’t forget to add alt text to the images
· Keep your website content ready as per the rich snippets

It can help you keep the webpage SEO-friendly and increase ranking.


While focusing on on-page search engine optimisation activities, you should not forget the content. On an eCommerce website, you need to add different types of textual content, such as –

· Webpage content
· Website blogs
· Product descriptions
· Customer reviews

With webpage content, you can easily explain your services. Blogs can be useful in sharing deep and explained details regarding products and related topics. With product descriptions, you can easily describe the products, features, and their usability. Reviews help gain the trust of visitors.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

Link Building Strategy

Link building strategy will decide lots of things. It is not only about external links; you need to be focused on internal links as well. It can be useful in setting up an easy navigation channel by multiple connected sources of the same kind of information or data.

Competitor Analysis

Even if you are implementing the best SEO strategy, you may face tough competition in the online marketplace. The most effective way to influence the market is by considering proper competitors’ analysis and break their strategies. Then, it helps you figure out how you can beat competitors.

Earn Quality Links

Backlinks are useful in increasing domain authority and website credibility for a better impression on Google bots. In addition, it can help improvise ranking positions. While creating a backlink strategy, you should target quality backlink providers only.

Local SEO Checklist

Google My Business

Google My Business is a business listing platform associated with Google Maps and numerous impressive features. Creating a business listing here and optimising the profile properly can help you influence the local search results.

Local Business Directories

While targeting specific locations, local search engine optimisation practices become important. Here, you should work on local business directories. On the internet, you can find multiple directories that can provide your services as suggestions in front of users. You should find all these directories and create a business profile by adding the complete details.

City Specific Landing Pages

In case you serve business in multiple cities or areas, you should try to build landing pages separately for all. It can be useful in targeting all locations at once with similar effectiveness. In case you try to target all locations at a single landing page, the rate of achieving goals may become slower.

Final Words

It is the complete checklist regarding all major parts or steps regarding search engine optimisation practices. In case you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO and related activities, you should hire the best search engine optimisation services. It can help you get assistance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Akashdeep Sharma

I am Akashdeep Sharma, an SEO specialist by profession with experience of over 5+ years. Currently, I am a full-time SEO expert associated with the best SEO company in Melbourne.