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local seo tips
By ALISA 696 views

SEO Checklist For a Newly Launched Site

The number of sites is growing exponentially every day. The more accessible for an ordinary person modern gadgets become, the more websites appear – from a modest personal blog to a multi-functional corporate web resource.

From an SEO point of view, a young or newly created site is a resource that is less than a year old. That means that the domain is new and the site itself is published no more than a year ago.

Features of the young website:

– 10-50 pages;

– Texts are non-unique and not optimized for keywords;

– Robots.txt and sitemap.xml service files are not filled up;

– Traffic 1-5 visitors per day;

– Direct and/or paid traffic is not from search;

– The resource is visible in the search for only 5-10 requests;

– There is no section with articles (blog);

– The site links to less than 10-20 sources.

If your site has some of these features, the following article is for you.

SEO for a new site and a young resource is usually a long process because search engines still do not know it, few visitors, few links to a web resource, little content. Nevertheless, there are SEO strategies that help in quick promotion and fast site ranking.

SEO checklist for your new site

– Content.

Start the blog and write relevant unique content. Optimize it with keywords. Make sure to fill in the meta description and meta title.

– Internal Linking.

When creating texts for a young site, do not forget about the internal linking of your pages. Literate linking between new and old pages of the site will save you valuable time and money.

– Check the technical side of your website.

Use Google Webmaster toolsLighthouse to optimize your site with Google guidelines and Protos Red tools to check your site for broken links, technical mistakes, and other SEO optimization.

– Check if your website is user-friendly.

Try thinking like your customer. Is your site comfortable to navigate? Can your client find everything he needs? Also, check if there are no interface mistakes, and all the necessary buttons are working.

– Competitors.

Almost every site has competitors. Check what they are doing, how your site and product looks better. Analyze their keywords and how they rank in Google, what they are writing about in their blogs.

– Backlinks.

Start your site promotion by building links to your site. Publish your site in relevant directories, write about your newly launched site in social media, use press releases about your products, find influencers in your market and write them about yourself.

– Email Marketing.

Useful and interesting materials will help to quickly build up the subscribers list. E-mailing is a very powerful sales tool that, for some reason, new webmasters and entrepreneurs underestimate. The same applies to video marketing, where competition is getting higher every day. It is true, that video blogging is not easy and time-consuming, but the effect of such promotion (especially for a young site) can be enormous. Do not neglect video podcasts and from the first days of the life of a new project, start uploading thematic videos on YouTube.

– Dialogue with users.

Do not focus on traffic and work daily on the site, constantly improving it. Conduct a constructive dialogue with readers, viewers, and customers. You will not notice how success will overtake you in the process of promotion of a young site.


Owners of young sites that expect to receive the results in the shortest possible time should know how to promote such a project at the initial stage of development. The most important thing is to work out the right strategy and adhere to it.


Tech writer and marketing strategist. Specializing in e-mail marketing, SEO and online security. When offline, you will find me running in nature, baking cakes and reading books.