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seo video marketing
By SHASHI DAS 1,393 views

SEO Video Marketing: The Next Level of Promoting Your SEO Through Video Content

Video marketing has become the inevitable part of SEO which allows your website to rank on the first page of the search engine ranking page. Now SEO experts say that websites with video content are 53X more effective to rank on the upper side of Google search results. We used to write relevant content along with images to drive a boost in search ranking. But now experts use more advanced strategies to rank better. They include different kind of website videos which is relevant to your business to get the extra edge when it is matter to bring your business stand out online. There are plenty of benefits of using video for a different purpose. Some digital marketers also use video content only for SEO.

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of video marketing in SEO.

Significant Ways Video Marketing Enhances SEO Ranking

Google is a kind of search engine, when you want to optimize your website for search engines, numerous elements determine the ranking of your website page in the search engine result page (SERPS). Video marketing supports you to increase the SEO content to achieve ranking. It also depends on the quality of the video and other elements of your website.

Video increases the quality and depth of your SEO content

Search engines like Google prefer to rank high-quality content that genuinely answers the search queries, and is crafted with valuable information. In your website, you can include three kinds of content to contextualize each other, text, pictures, and videos are complementary to each other and offer necessary visuals for website visitors.

For example, if you open a medical website and want to sell a technologically advanced machine for better diagnosis, then your have to add text, image, and videos to completely brief the working process. You have to arrange these elements in a step-by-step format. Only written content or only image can not explain the working process of the machine, therefore, your audience will move to another website for better information.

On the other hand, If you add all these elements sequentially, they can correlate each information in a very easy way, which encourages them to engage and drive to take the call to action.

Text and image are good but if you show your product through a perfect video, it will undoubtedly leave the best impression in their mind. It functions like a virtual proof that the product you are selling, is really working. Video can be used in two different approaches; one is marketing and another is educational. You will be benefited in two forms.

Video content is a super effective approach for SEO to generate high-quality, in-depth content which ranks at the top of the search engine. Clear and concise video content advances you against competitors. You can create and edit a video online using a video editing tool.

Video increases the user experience and the amount of time spent on your website

Videos usually break down the walls of text on your business website to engage your audience and make sure to provide a great experience through your article. The presentation is an important factor before marketing. Visual entertainment motivates the audience to spend more time on your business website. If you are the owner of the medical website, you have to prepare a great video along with text, It is because people do not prefer to spend a lot of time reading, they also love to see the videos which should be crisp and catchy. Video content positively engages the audience and they used to spend more time on your website from one page to another page. With high-quality video, you avail a great chance to captivate the mind of the audience so that they can stay on your site for more time.

Finally, when people spend more time on a business website along with a better experience, it will transfer positive signals to the search engines. Thus the search engine will rank your content at the top of search results.

Videos that bring about more backlinks

The statistics say that more than 90% of people prefer to share videos that they have visited online which means video marketing allows a digital marketer to earn quality backlinks to your website content. A backlink is a crucial part of digital marketing; therefore the quality and quantity of the backlink directly influence backlinks which offers huge advantages to video marketing on the SEO score. Site ranking is depending on the quality of the link.

How to get started with video marketing for SEO

  • Create unique and valuable video content which educates people
  • Put SEO keywords in the video title and description
  • Add video transcription for SEO
  • Add a transcript of your new video on the same page as the video contributes to the search engines’ more valuable information to correlate with the written text.

You can implement the above-discussed video marketing strategies with the help of the best SEO services around your location. Discuss with certified and experienced digital marketers on this topic for better guidance.

Shashi Das

The author, Shashi Ranjan happens to be a talented and experienced digital marketing professional and SEO specialist who is also a prolific blogger. He is committed to assist the businesses to succeed in an increasingly technological environment.