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SEO Writing and SEO Copywriting
By HEENA ANSARI 405 views

What is the Difference between SEO Writing and SEO Copywriting?

When one talks about the digital world and the various digital media platforms, the only constant term that remains affixed to it is SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization. The SEO strategies and ideas have become an integral part of the digital space. Most startups and new brands rely on the methods and benefits yielded from SEO to boost their sales, reachability, and create a brand presence in the various digital media platforms. It creates possibilities that enable the conversion of plausible prospects to leads and sales. There have been different branches of SEO that have emerged in the previous decade such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, SEO content writing, copywriting, search engine marketing. These days, there has been a great emphasis on user experience. Google also came up with the latest algorithms which stated that the user experience is a great ranking factor and with the help of SEO you can optimize your site and ensure that it stays relevant and works for your viewers. The ultimate goal of every brand or business that comes up online is their growth. Both SEO writing and SEO copywriting plays a huge goal in the growth of your business.

Although a lot of people get confused between the two because they often overlap each other but are quite distinct actually. Whilst SEO content writing services are actually quite useful in generating organic content, the SEO copywriting will help you more with generating leads and converting your potential prospects into sales. The functions that both these services perform differ significantly

What is SEO writing?

Well, when it comes to creating a brand’s credibility, nothing works better than some good quality content. SEO content writing services optimize your content so that it generates organic web traffic for your site. It means that, with properly researched and well-written content, you can ensure that your content reaches a wider audience and generates high-quality traffic. It is done by including strategically placed keywords and promoting your content wisely.

In order to come up with some great content with SEO writing, you need to identify your audience and create the content accordingly. Although a lot of people think that SEO writing almost solves all your problems relating to content, but it does not work that way. If you just include keywords and some other tips of SEO writing, then your site might get a lot of clicks and web traffic, but it wouldn’t sustain the test of time. Thus, in order to create value-adding content for your viewers, it’s important that you write only relevant and up to date information. This want SEO writing will help you in creating organic web traffic for you.

Some of the benefits of SEO writing are: –

Increases website rankings and SERPs

With the help of keyword optimization, SEO writing ensures that your website’s content reaches a wider audience which not only attracts a lot of web traffic but organic and qualified traffic for your website. For optimum searchability, it is extremely important that when you include keywords in the content, it is in the right amount and at the right instances. As much as helpful and promising digital media platforms are, the only problem that arises is that there is now massive competition across the entire digital space. There is a number of brands and businesses that have come up and in order to visualize your brand/business, it’s important that your content is rated highly by the search engines like Google, which will gradually increase your website’s ranking in the SERPs.

Inexpensive and rewarding

Well, when it comes to other branches of Search Engine Optimization, it often costs a few bucks on your pocket, but SEO content writing is perhaps the most inexpensive ways through which you can create brand awareness in the market and ensure that your content stays relevant for your users.

Attracts high-quality backlinks

When it comes to Google rankings, backlinks play a major role in it. Backlinks are like votes for your webpage which ensures that you have authority and credibility on the internet. This happens if your content is worth reading and is relevant for your viewers, if it is, then the blogs or articles are linked and shared, which displays your popularity and importance on the internet.

Gets your organic traffic

It’s really important that you don’t just get a lot of website traffic but quality leads. SEO content writing services ensure that your website reaches the people who are genuinely interested in your particular niche. If it’s an unpaid search result, then most definitely the leads generated are organic. This is important because only the viewers who can be converted into possible leads matter.

Thus, you need to hire an SEO writer if you want to optimize the content of your website. You can easily find a lot of SEO content services providers who will be able to generate content according to your industry. It’s important that you focus on SEO writing because it is necessary to create your base in the online market.

What is SEO copywriting?

When it comes to SEO copywriting, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. You need different copywriters for different types of copywriting requirements. Copywriting is basically a text form of salesmanship; it includes everything that you need to increase your leads. To be specific, SEO copywriting is a specialized form of writing which includes specific catchphrases that help in conversion. With the right form of SEO copywriting, key phrases help in driving quality traffic and increase your rankings. Think of it in the simplest way, even if you have the world’s best brand, you need to sell it tactfully. Thus, with the help of SEO copywriting you can ensure that your content is optimized in such a way that it increases your SERPs.  Some of the major benefits of SEO copywriting are:

Extensive research to boost SERPs

Well, copywriters do know what remains trendy in the market and what is relevant. With the right form of copywriting, you will be able to incorporate things in your articles and blogs which are useful for increasing your leads and boosting your conversion rates. It takes a lot more than just good content for higher SERP ranking. Therefore it’s important that you get experienced copywriting services.

Attractive writing

In order to ensure that the readers do come to your site, it’s important that you write the content in a way that attracts the. Most copywriters have a good sense of writing. It’s important that the format and the vocabulary of the writing have to be simple yet attractive because it should be accessible and intelligible to the entire viewers.

Compelling Call to Action buttons

 When it comes to copywriters, know that they are copywriters before anything else. Thus, they know how to craft the perfect CTA buttons which will help you in boosting the conversion rates. You will have to include simple SEO tactics, like the inclusion of keywords and links in the CTA buttons.

Optimizing the entire thematic of your website

Be it page focus or length of your content, it’s important that you optimize the content of your website accordingly. Simple things like better keyword research and creating optimum length for your website is the job of a copywriter. A copywriter would naturally know how to include the right keywords at the right time; these little things play a huge role in increasing the traffic for your website.

Well, these were some of the benefits that you can avail of from copywriting services. It is true that SEO writing is important as it helps to generate organic traffic for your website, but traffic does not get you the sales and leads. It is only when your traffic is converted that your webpage is benefitted. Thus, to ensure that your conversion rates are increased it is important to hire copywriting services providers.

Now, that you know the minor difference between both SEO writing and SEO copywriting, it is important that you avail both these services for your website. Both organic traffic and good conversion rates are essential for your website’s progress in the digital space. To get the best of both worlds, it is important that you get them both right. However, if your target is to gain one of them, then you can focus on either of them. Although there are many SEO content writing services providers from whom you can choose, it is recommended that you do invest in a good SEO copywriter as well because both of them function together and nothing can compensate for their expertise. As long as your website has some good content which is then optimized accordingly, you will not have to worry about it. The only important thing is to be consistent and genuine when it comes to writing. Be it SEO writing or SEO copywriting; both have to be done with respect to your niche and the audience’s interests and demands. Thus, before hiring any services, it’s important that you understand your audience.

Heena Ansari

Heena Ansari is a professional content writer, and at Italics, a content writing companyShe likes blogging so she created Tech blogging Site Techpuzz