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Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts
By JACK LOUIS 1,414 views

Services of Best Tennis Courts- Surfacing, Repair, and Resurfacing

Keeping the regular services and maintenance up on a tennis court is actually no different to owning a swimming pool or buying a new vehicle, if you keep on postponing the maintenance or servicing work, it will lead to the costly repairs. Once an irreparable damage is done to the court, then it needs a lot of effort and money to bring the surface back to original condition. Hence, it is important to make sure that services of best tennis courts are done regularly. Though the way hard tennis courts (such as asphalt and concrete) and synthetic grass courts are maintained is totally different, the costs per year for each are similar. Overall, you should consider it as a valuable asset that requires looking after to give you decades of tension free service.

Have you ever wondered why some tennis courts look spotless? Almost like it has been never ever used by anyone. Are you curious to know? How those tennis courts continue to look better year after year? Well, it is the outcome of regular servicing, maintenance, hard work, and of course, the expertise of professionals who perform services of best tennis courts. Tennis court surfacing, crack repair, spot removal, resurfacing are important to the durability of asphalt base. Now, we will discuss how to perform each of these services.

Different Types of Services of Best Tennis Courts


  • For hard courts, asphalt or concrete is used as foundation. They need a strong and stable base made out of first-rate asphalt mix or the most strong and durable concrete.
  • If the experts do the construction and services of best tennis courts, then it will have two layers of asphalt. These layers are a must for the durability of surface.
  • Hard tennis courts will also have 2 layers of acrylic coat. The acrylic emulsion penetrates deep into the asphalt layers forming a damage-resistance, protective layer that keeps surface safe from water.
  • Next thing is acrylic paint. It gives hard tennis court a glossy and polished look. Acrylic paint is durable and available in variety of colors.
  • After surfacing, white paint will be applied on the lines according to the standards.


The main aim of maintenance and servicing of best tennis courts is preventing the courts from damage. However, sometimes, things go beyond over control. Following are the common type of hard court damages and solutions for the same:

  • Birdbaths: If your court has a low spot and a crack in it, water fills the crack and forms a pool. The water damages the surface and breaks through the acrylic layers, which act as a shield for asphalt. This problem can be solved if you hire experts for the servicing of best tennis courts. They will use either multiple layers of patch binder or an asphalt patch.
  • Surface Crack: If the crack is in its initial stage, it is easy to fix it with the help of acrylic resurface.
  • Deep Crack: Neglected surface cracks result in deep cracks. Even though this is tricky, number of products is available to repair cracks. Some of the common solutions include, patch binders made of cement, sand, and latex, acrylic coated fiberglass mesh, plastic tiles, rubber mats, epoxy, ARMOR crack repair system, etc.


To keep your court safe and working all the time, resurface it every five to seven years. Tennis court resurfacing consists of two phases i.e. repairs and surfacing. Resurfacing begins with repairs and ends with surfacing. If you a hire a well-established company for the servicing of best tennis courts, they will also install additional equipment, if necessary.

Overall, asphalt and concrete tennis courts require minimal servicing and maintenance to maintain them. However, they need basic maintenance to help extend their longevity.

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